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Cytowane przez
Next generation sliceable bandwidth variable transponders
N Sambo, P Castoldi, A D'Errico, E Riccardi, A Pagano, MS Moreolo, ...
IEEE Communications Magazine 53 (2), 163-171, 2015
Experimental demonstration of a record high 11.25 Gb/s real-time optical OFDM transceiver supporting 25km SMF end-to-end transmission in simple IMDD systems
RP Giddings, XQ Jin, E Hugues-Salas, E Giacoumidis, JL Wei, JM Tang
Optics Express 18 (6), 5541-5555, 2010
Next generation elastic optical networks: The vision of the European research project IDEALIST
A Napoli, M Bohn, D Rafique, A Stavdas, N Sambo, L Potì, M Nölle, ...
IEEE communications magazine 53 (2), 152-162, 2015
Software defined networking (SDN) over space division multiplexing (SDM) optical networks: features, benefits and experimental demonstration
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Optics express 22 (3), 3638-3647, 2014
Field trial of machine-learning-assisted and SDN-based optical network planning with network-scale monitoring database
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2017 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), 1-3, 2017
Secure NFV orchestration over an SDN-controlled optical network with time-shared quantum key distribution resources
A Aguado, E Hugues-Salas, PA Haigh, J Marhuenda, AB Price, P Sibson, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 35 (8), 1357-1362, 2017
Real-time demonstration of 128-QAM-encoded optical OFDM transmission with a 5.25 bit/s/Hz spectral efficiency in simple IMDD systems utilizing directly modulated DFB lasers
XQ Jin, RP Giddings, E Hugues-Salas, JM Tang
Optics express 17 (22), 20484-20493, 2009
Archon: A function programmable optical interconnect architecture for transparent intra and inter data center SDM/TDM/WDM networking
S Yan, E Hugues-Salas, VJF Rancaňo, Y Shu, GM Saridis, BR Rofoee, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 33 (8), 1586-1595, 2015
Wavelength reused bidirectional transmission of adaptively modulated optical OFDM signals in WDM-PONs incorporating SOA and RSOA intensity modulators
JL Wei, E Hugues-Salas, RP Giddings, XQ Jin, X Zheng, S Mansoor, ...
Optics Express 18 (10), 9791-9808, 2010
On the filter narrowing issues in elastic optical networks
JM Fabrega, MS Moreolo, L Martín, AC Piat, E Riccardi, D Roccato, ...
Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 8 (7), A23-A33, 2016
End-to-end quantum secured inter-domain 5G service orchestration over dynamically switched flex-grid optical networks enabled by a q-ROADM
R Wang, RS Tessinari, E Hugues-Salas, A Bravalheri, N Uniyal, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 38 (1), 139-149, 2019
Experimental demonstration of record high 19.125 Gb/s real-time end-to-end dual-band optical OFDM transmission over 25km SMF in a simple EML-based IMDD system
RP Giddings, E Hugues-Salas, JM Tang
Optics Express 20 (18), 20666-20679, 2012
Experimental demonstration of real-time optical OFDM transmission at 7.5 Gb/s over 25-km SSMF using a 1-GHz RSOA
RP Giddings, E Hugues-Salas, XQ Jin, JL Wei, JM Tang
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22 (11), 745-747, 2010
Significant improvements in optical power budgets of real-time optical OFDM PON systems
JL Wei, C Sánchez, RP Giddings, E Hugues-Salas, JM Tang
Optics express 18 (20), 20732-20745, 2010
Real-time experimental demonstration of low-cost VCSEL intensity-modulated 11.25 Gb/s optical OFDM signal transmission over 25km PON systems
E Hugues-Salas, RP Giddings, XQ Jin, JL Wei, X Zheng, Y Hong, C Shu, ...
Optics Express 19 (4), 2979-2988, 2011
Monitoring and physical-layer attack mitigation in SDN-controlled quantum key distribution networks
E Hugues-Salas, F Ntavou, D Gkounis, GT Kanellos, R Nejabati, ...
Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 11 (2), A209-A218, 2019
Adaptively modulated optical OFDM modems utilizing RSOAs as intensity modulators in IMDD SMF transmission systems
JL Wei, A Hamié, RP Gidding, E Hugues-Salas, X Zheng, S Mansoor, ...
Optics express 18 (8), 8556-8573, 2010
First real-time experimental demonstrations of 11.25 Gb/s optical OFDMA PONs with adaptive dynamic bandwidth allocation
XQ Jin, E Hugues-Salas, RP Giddings, JL Wei, J Groenewald, JM Tang
Optics express 19 (21), 20557-20570, 2011
RDNA: Residue-defined networking architecture enabling ultra-reliable low-latency datacenters
A Liberato, M Martinello, RL Gomes, AF Beldachi, E Salas, R Villaca, ...
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 15 (4), 1473-1487, 2018
Real-time experimental demonstration of optical OFDM symbol synchronization in directly modulated DFB laser-based 25km SMF IMDD systems
XQ Jin, RP Giddings, E Hugues-Salas, JM Tang
Optics express 18 (20), 21100-21110, 2010
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