Kristen J. Koltun
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The role of energy availability in reproductive function in the female athlete triad and extension of its effects to men: an initial working model of a similar syndrome in male …
MJ De Souza, KJ Koltun, NI Williams
Sports Medicine 49 (Suppl 2), 125-137, 2019
The male athlete triad—a consensus statement from the female and male athlete triad coalition part 1: definition and scientific basis
A Nattiv, MJ De Souza, KJ Koltun, M Misra, A Kussman, NI Williams, ...
Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine 31 (4), 335-348, 2021
Female athlete triad and relative energy deficiency in sport: A focus on scientific rigor
NI Williams, KJ Koltun, NCA Strock, MJ De Souza
Exercise and sport sciences reviews 47 (4), 197-205, 2019
Current status of the female athlete triad: update and future directions
MJ De Souza, KJ Koltun, CV Etter, EA Southmayd
Current osteoporosis reports 15, 577-587, 2017
The immune system and overtraining in athletes: clinical implications
A Hackney, K Koltun
Acta clinica croatica 51 (4), 2012
The male athlete triad—a consensus statement from the Female and Male Athlete Triad Coalition part II: diagnosis, treatment, and return-to-play
M Fredericson, A Kussman, M Misra, MT Barrack, MJ De Souza, E Kraus, ...
Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine 31 (4), 349-366, 2021
Indices of resting metabolic rate accurately reflect energy deficiency in exercising women
NCA Strock, KJ Koltun, EA Southmayd, NI Williams, MJ De Souza
International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism 30 (1), 14-24, 2020
Rethinking the concept of an energy availability threshold and its role in the female athlete triad
MJ De Souza, KJ Koltun, NCA Strock, NI Williams
Current opinion in physiology 10, 35-42, 2019
Response of testosterone to prolonged aerobic exercise during different phases of the menstrual cycle
CB O’Leary, C Lehman, K Koltun, A Smith-Ryan, AC Hackney
European journal of applied physiology 113, 2419-2424, 2013
Randomised controlled trial of the effects of increased energy intake on menstrual recovery in exercising women with menstrual disturbances: the ‘REFUEL’study
MJ De Souza, RJ Mallinson, NCA Strock, KJ Koltun, MP Olmsted, ...
Human Reproduction 36 (8), 2285-2297, 2021
Comparison of Female Athlete Triad Coalition and RED-S risk assessment tools
KJ Koltun, NCA Strock, EA Southmayd, AP Oneglia, NI Williams, ...
Journal of sports sciences 37 (21), 2433-2442, 2019
Linking the gut microbiota to bone health in anorexia nervosa
NC Aurigemma, KJ Koltun, H VanEvery, CJ Rogers, MJ De Souza
Current Osteoporosis Reports 16, 65-75, 2018
The path towards progress: a critical review to advance the science of the female and male athlete triad and relative energy deficiency in sport
MJ De Souza, NCA Strock, EA Ricker, KJ Koltun, M Barrack, E Joy, ...
Sports Medicine, 1-11, 2022
What is the evidence for a Triad-like syndrome in exercising men?
MJ De Souza, KJ Koltun, NI Williams
Current Opinion in Physiology 10, 27-34, 2019
Menstrual cycle hormonal changes: estradiol-β-17 and progesterone interactions on exercise fat oxidation
AC Hackney, KJ Koltun, HN Williett
Endocrine 76 (1), 240-242, 2022
Energy availability is associated with luteinizing hormone pulse frequency and induction of luteal phase defects
KJ Koltun, MJ De Souza, JL Scheid, NI Williams
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 105 (1), 185-193, 2020
Influence of menstrual cycle estradiol-β-17 fluctuations on energy substrate utilization-oxidation during aerobic, endurance exercise
HN Willett, KJ Koltun, AC Hackney
International journal of environmental research and public health 18 (13), 7209, 2021
Unsupervised clustering techniques identify movement strategies in the countermovement jump associated with musculoskeletal injury risk during US marine corps officer …
MB Bird, Q Mi, KJ Koltun, M Lovalekar, BJ Martin, AL Fain, A Bannister, ...
Frontiers in physiology 13, 868002, 2022
Prunes preserve hip bone mineral density in a 12-month randomized controlled trial in postmenopausal women: the Prune Study
MJ De Souza, NCA Strock, NI Williams, H Lee, KJ Koltun, C Rogers, ...
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 116 (4), 897-910, 2022
Discriminating hypothalamic oligomenorrhea/amenorrhea from hyperandrogenic oligomenorrhea/amenorrhea in exercising women
KJ Koltun, NI Williams, JL Scheid, MJ De Souza
Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 45 (7), 707-714, 2020
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