Michał Landowski
Michał Landowski
Gdańsk University of Technology / Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Department of Materials and
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Impact damage in SiO2 nanoparticle enhanced epoxy – Carbon fibre composites
M Landowski, G Strugała, M Budzik, K Imielińska
Composites Part B: Engineering 113, 91-99, 2017
Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of TIG Welded Dissimilar Joints between 304L Austenitic Stainless Steel and Incoloy 800HT Nickel Alloy
G Rogalski, A Świerczyńska, M Landowski, D Fydrych
Metals 10 (5), 559, 2020
Autogenous Fiber Laser Welding of 316L Austenitic and 2304 Lean Duplex Stainless Steels
M Landowski, A Świerczyńska, G Rogalski, D Fydrych
Materials 13 (13), 2930, 2020
Hydrogen embrittlement of X2CrNiMoCuN25-6-3 super duplex stainless steel welded joints under cathodic protection
A Świerczyńska, D Fydrych, M Landowski, G Rogalski, J Łabanowski
Construction and Building Materials 238, 117697, 2020
Influence of parameters of laser beam welding on structure of 2205 duplex stainless steel
M Landowski
Advances in Materials Science 19 (1), 21-31, 2019
Underwater wet welding of S1300 ultra-high strength steel
J Tomków, M Landowski, D Fydrych, G Rogalski
Marine Structures 81, 103120, 2022
Plasticity of Bead-On-Plate Welds Made with the Use of Stored Flux-Cored Wires for Offshore Applications
A Świerczyńska, M Landowski
Materials 13 (17), 3888, 2020
Water absorption and blistering of glass fibre-reinforced polymer marine laminates with nanoparticle-modified coatings
M Landowski, M Budzik, K Imielińska
Journal of Composite Materials 48 (23), 2805-2813, 2014
Pin Angle Thermal Effects on Friction Stir Welding of AA5058 Aluminum Alloy: CFD Simulation and Experimental Validation
S Chupradit, DO Bokov, W Suksatan, M Landowski, D Fydrych, ...
Materials 14 (24), 7565, 2021
Bead-on-Plate Underwater Wet Welding on S700MC Steel
J Tomków, A Świerczyńska, M Landowski, A Wolski, G Rogalski
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Degradation of GFRP Marine Laminates with Nano Particle Modified Coatings
M Landowski, K Imielińska
Advances in Materials Science 13 (2), 19-22, 2013
Water sorption and blistering of GFRP laminates with varying structures
M Landowski, M Budzik, K Imielińska
Advances in Materials Sciences 12 (4), 23-29, 2012
Appliation of Apriori algorithm in the lamination process in yacht production.
T Niksa-Rynkiewicz, M Landowski, P Szalewski
Polish Maritime Research 27, 59-70, 2020
A universal NDT method for examination of low energy impact damage in CFRP with the use of TLC film
G Strugała, M Klugmann, M Landowski, M Szkodo, D Mikielewicz
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On degradation of glass/polyester laminate immersed in water
M Landowski, M Budzik, K Imielińska
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Impact Behaviour of Glass Fribre/Epoxy Composites with Nano-Enhanced Resin after Water Exposure
M Landowski, K Imielińska
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Application possibilities of the S960 steel in underwater welded structures
J Tomków, M Landowski, G Rogalski
Facta Universitatis, Series: Mechanical Engineering, 2021
Characterization of Arctic Driftwood as Naturally Modified Material. Part 1: Machinability
D Chuchala, A Sandak, KA Orlowski, J Sandak, O Eggertsson, ...
Coatings 11 (3), 278, 2021
Qualification of brazing procedure for furnace brazing of austenitic steel according to requirements of the ASME BPVC section IX
G Rogalski, M Landowski, A Świerczyńska, J Łabanowski, J Tomków
Welding Technology Review 91 (9), 13-24, 2019
The influence of solution annealing temperature on the properties of Lean Duplex 2101 welded joints in tubes
G Rogalski, A Świerczyńska, D Fydrych, M Landowski
Welding Technology Review 91 (4), 49-59, 2019
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