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Analysis of male volleyball players' motor activities during a top level match
D Mroczek, A Januszkiewicz, AS KawczyNski, Z Borysiuk, J Chmura
The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 28 (8), 2297-2305, 2014
Analysis of motor activities of professional soccer players during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil
P Chmura, M Andrzejewski, M Konefał, D Mroczek, A Rokita, J Chmura
Journal of human kinetics 56 (1), 187-195, 2017
Effects of karate fights on Achilles tendon stiffness measured by myotonometry
B Pożarowszczyk, W Pawlaczyk, M Smoter, A Zarzycki, D Mroczek, ...
Journal of human kinetics 56 (1), 93-97, 2017
Right ventricular diastolic performance in children with pulmonary arterial hypertension associated with congenital heart disease: correlation of echocardiographic parameters …
K Okumura, C Slorach, D Mroczek, A Dragulescu, L Mertens, ...
Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging 7 (3), 491-501, 2014
Functional connectivity between core and shoulder muscles increases during isometric endurance contractions in judo competitors
A Kawczyński, A Samani, D Mroczek, P Chmura, W Błach, J Migasiewicz, ...
European journal of applied physiology 115, 1351-1358, 2015
Acute effects of the ACE inhibitor enalaprilat on the pulmonary, cerebral and systemic blood flow and resistance after the bidirectional cavopulmonary connection
KJ Lee, SJ Yoo, H Holtby, B Grant, D Mroczek, D Wong, ...
Heart 97 (16), 1343-1348, 2011
Effects of volleyball plyometric intervention program on vertical jumping ability in male volleyball players.
D Mroczek, K Maćkała, A Kawczynski, E Superlak, P Chmura, ...
The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness 58 (11), 1611-1617, 2017
Changes of reaction time and blood lactate concentration of elite volleyball players during a game
D Mroczek, A Kawczyński, J Chmura
Journal of human kinetics 28 (2011), 73-78, 2011
Psychomotor performance of elite volleyball players during a game
D Mroczek, A Kawczyński, E Superlak, J Chmura
Perceptual and Motor skills 117 (3), 801-810, 2013
Trapezius viscoelastic properties are heterogeneously affected by eccentric exercise
A Kawczyński, D Mroczek, RE Andersen, T Stefaniak, L Arendt-Nielsen, ...
Journal of science and medicine in sport 21 (8), 864-869, 2018
Achievable radiation reduction during pediatric cardiac catheterization: how low can we go?
S Borik, S Devadas, D Mroczek, K Jin Lee, R Chaturvedi, LN Benson
Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 86 (5), 841-848, 2015
Endurance and speed capacity of the Korea Republic football national team during the World Cup of 2010
O Duk, K Min, A Kawczyński, P Chmura, D Mroczek, J Chmura
Journal of Human Kinetics 30 (2011), 115-121, 2011
Effects of plyometrics training on muscle stiffness changes in male volleyball players
D Mroczek, K Mackala, P Chmura, E Superlak, M Konefal, T Seweryniak, ...
The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 33 (4), 910-921, 2019
Achieving sustained extrauterine life: challenges of an artificial placenta in fetal pigs as a model of the preterm human fetus
AJ Charest‐Pekeski, A Sheta, L Taniguchi, MJ McVey, A Floh, L Sun, ...
Physiological Reports 9 (5), e14742, 2021
Jumping flying distance and jump performance of elite male volleyball players at FIVB volleyball men’s world championship
D Pawlik, A Kawczyński, J Chmura, K Maćkała, M Kutrzyński, D Mroczek
Applied Sciences 10 (6), 2045, 2020
Endurance capacity and selected technical-tactical skills of soccer players participating in the group stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup
P Chmura, D Goliński, M Andrzejewski, D Mroczek, A Kawczyński, ...
Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego w Poznaniu, 2014
Analysis and evaluation of defensive team strategies in women’s beach volleyball–An efficiency-based approach
T Seweryniak, D Mroczek, Ł Łukasik
Human Movement 14 (1), 48-55, 2013
Allometric association between physical fitness test results, body size/shape, biological maturity, and time spent playing sports in adolescents
M Giuriato, A Kawczynski, D Mroczek, N Lovecchio, A Nevill
PloS one 16 (4), e0249626, 2021
Changes in the stiffness of thigh muscles in the left and right limbs during six weeks of plyometric training in volleyball players
D Mroczek, E Superlak, M Konefał, K Maćkała, P Chmura, T Seweryniak, ...
Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism 25 (2), 20-24, 2018
Relationships between motor abilities and volleyball performance skills in 15-year-old talent-identified volleyball players
D Mroczek, E Superlak, A Kawczynski, J Chmura
Baltic Journal of Health and Physical Activity 9 (1), 2, 2017
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