Rachel M. Germain
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Scaling‐up biodiversity‐ecosystem functioning research
A Gonzalez, RM Germain, DS Srivastava, E Filotas, LE Dee, D Gravel, ...
Ecology Letters 23 (4), 757-776, 2020
Biodiversity as insurance: from concept to measurement and application
M Loreau, M Barbier, E Filotas, D Gravel, F Isbell, SJ Miller, JM Montoya, ...
Biological Reviews 96 (5), 2333-2354, 2021
Towards a multi‐trophic extension of metacommunity ecology
LM Guzman, RM Germain, C Forbes, S Straus, MI O'Connor, D Gravel, ...
Ecology letters 22 (1), 19-33, 2019
Species coexistence: macroevolutionary relationships and the contingency of historical interactions
RM Germain, JT Weir, B Gilbert
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The ‘filtering’metaphor revisited: competition and environment jointly structure invasibility and coexistence
RM Germain, MM Mayfield, B Gilbert
Biology letters 14 (8), 20180460, 2018
Moving character displacement beyond characters using contemporary coexistence theory
RM Germain, JL Williams, D Schluter, AL Angert
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Local adaptation to biotic interactions: a meta-analysis across latitudes
AL Hargreaves, RM Germain, M Bontrager, J Persi, AL Angert
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Dispersal mode mediates the effect of patch size and patch connectivity on metacommunity diversity
NT Jones, RM Germain, TN Grainger, AM Hall, L Baldwin, B Gilbert
Journal of Ecology 103 (4), 935-944, 2015
Spatial variability in plant predation determines the strength of stochastic community assembly
RM Germain, L Johnson, S Schneider, K Cottenie, EA Gillis, ...
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Experimental dispersal reveals characteristic scales of biodiversity in a natural landscape
RM Germain, SY Strauss, B Gilbert
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On the origin of coexisting species
RM Germain, SP Hart, MM Turcotte, SP Otto, J Sakarchi, J Rolland, T Usui, ...
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 36 (4), 284-293, 2021
Hidden responses to environmental variation: maternal effects reveal species niche dimensions
RM Germain, B Gilbert
Ecology Letters 17 (6), 662-669, 2014
Species differences in phenology shape coexistence
C Blackford, RM Germain, B Gilbert
The American Naturalist 195 (6), E168-E180, 2020
Mechanisms and consequences of water stress–induced parental effects in an invasive annual grass
RM Germain, CM Caruso, H Maherali
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Evolution of an inferior competitor increases resistance to biological invasion
RM Germain, D Srivastava, AL Angert
Nature Ecology & Evolution 4 (3), 419-425, 2020
When ecology fails: how reproductive interactions promote species coexistence
M Gómez-Llano, RM Germain, D Kyogoku, MA McPeek, AM Siepielski
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 36 (7), 610-622, 2021
Predators modify biogeographic constraints on species distributions in an insect metacommunity
TN Grainger, RM Germain, NT Jones, B Gilbert
Ecology 98 (3), 851-860, 2017
An empiricist’s guide to using ecological theory
TN Grainger, A Senthilnathan, PJ Ke, MA Barbour, NT Jones, JP DeLong, ...
The American Naturalist 199 (1), 1-20, 2022
Maternal provisioning is structured by species’ competitive neighborhoods
RM Germain, TN Grainger, NT Jones, B Gilbert
Oikos 128 (1), 45-53, 2019
Cryptic dispersal networks shape biodiversity in an invaded landscape
RM Germain, NT Jones, TN Grainger
Ecology 100 (8), e02738, 2019
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