Jonathan F. Smith
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Digital socialization: young people's changing value orientations towards internet use between adolescence and early adulthood
J Smith, B Hewitt, Z Skrbiš
Information, Communication & Society 18 (9), 1022-1038, 2015
Beneath the ‘Digital Native’myth Understanding young Australians’ online time use
J Smith, Z Skrbis, M Western
Journal of Sociology 49 (1), 97-118, 2013
Measuring housing and transportation affordability: A case study of Melbourne, Australia
M Saberi, H Wu, R Amoh-Gyimah, J Smith, D Arunachalam
Journal of transport geography 65, 134-146, 2017
Social capital and aspirations for educational attainment: a cross-national comparison of Australia and Germany
J Chesters, J Smith
Journal of Youth Studies 18 (7), 932-949, 2015
Expecting the unexpected: Young people’s expectations about marriage and family
Z Skrbis, M Western, B Tranter, D Hogan, R Coates, J Smith, B Hewitt, ...
Journal of Sociology 48 (1), 63-83, 2012
Young adulthood in uncertain times: The association between sense of personal control and employment, education, personal relationships and health
J Chesters, J Smith, H Cuervo, J Laughland-Booÿ, J Wyn, Z Skrbiš, ...
Journal of Sociology 55 (2), 389-408, 2019
A social inequality of motivation? The relationship between beliefs about academic success and young people's educational attainment
JF Smith, Z Skrbiš
British Educational Research Journal 43 (3), 441-465, 2017
Young, anchored and free? Examining the dynamics of early housing pathways in Australia
W Tomaszewski, JF Smith, C Parsell, B Tranter, J Laughland-Booÿ, ...
Journal of Youth Studies 20 (7), 904-926, 2017
Same-sex marriage attitudes during the transition to early adulthood: A panel study of young Australians, 2008 to 2013
JFN Smith
Journal of Family Issues 37 (15), 2163-2188, 2016
Widening the lens: Understanding urban parks as a network
N Torabi, J Lindsay, J Smith, LA Khor, O Sainsbury
Cities 98, 102527, 2020
Understanding the context of racial and cultural exclusivism: A study of Melbourne neighbourhoods
R Wickes, M Grossman, H Forbes-Mewett, D Arunachalam, J Smith, ...
Arenas of comfort and conflict: peer relationship events and young people's educational attainment
JF Smith, Z Skrbiš
Journal of Youth Studies 19 (5), 646-664, 2016
The mother of all effects? Stability and change in Greens party identification in Australia
B Tranter, J Smith
Environmental Politics, 2018
Understanding the lived experiences of housing and transport stress in the “affordable” outer ring: a case study of Melbourne, Australia
J Smith, C Waite, D Lohm, M Saberi, D Arunachalam
Urban policy and research 39 (2), 191-207, 2021
Poles apart: Political divisions over climate change among younger Australians
B Tranter, Z Skrbiš, JF Smith
Journal of Applied Youth Studies 3, 255-273, 2020
Happy times: An exploration of how Australian young adults define happiness
N McMillan, J Laughland-Booÿ, S Roberts, J Smith
Journal of Applied Youth Studies 5 (1), 37-53, 2022
Young Queenslanders’ experiences of COVID-19: insights from the Our Lives cohort study
Z Skrbiš, J Smith, J Laughland-Booÿ, D Cook, B Tranter, A Findlay, ...
Australian Catholic University, 2020
Ethnicity and belonging
Z Skrbis, J Smith
Public Sociology: An Introduction to Australian Society (3rd Edition), 269-291, 2015
Understanding the impact of major life events on young people’s academic achievement and post-schooling careers
J Smith, Z Skrbis
International Sociological Association, 2014
Youth Internet Engagement and Inequality in Australian Society
J Smith
University of Queensland, 2013
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