Zhi Wei Norman Teo
Zhi Wei Norman Teo
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Cytowane przez
N6-methyladenosine RNA modification regulates shoot stem cell fate in Arabidopsis
L Shen, Z Liang, X Gu, Y Chen, ZWN Teo, X Hou, WM Cai, PC Dedon, ...
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New insights into the regulation of inflorescence architecture
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Seeing the lights for leafy greens in indoor vertical farming
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Y Nakamura, NZW Teo, G Shui, CHL Chua, WF Cheong, ...
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OsFTIP1-mediated regulation of florigen transport in rice is negatively regulated by the ubiquitin-like domain kinase OsUbDKγ4
S Song, Y Chen, L Liu, Y Wang, S Bao, X Zhou, ZWN Teo, C Mao, Y Gan, ...
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Dissecting the function of MADS-box transcription factors in orchid reproductive development
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Large-scale Systematic Study on Stability of the Ds Element and Timing of Transposition in Rice
I Szeverenyi, R Ramamoorthy, ZW Teo, HF Luan, ZG Ma, ...
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C Li, L Liu, ZWN Teo, L Shen, H Yu
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Phase separation of HRLP regulates flowering time in Arabidopsis
Y Zhang, S Fan, C Hua, ZWN Teo, JX Kiang, L Shen, H Yu
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