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The Arabidopsis cytochrome P450 CYP707A encodes ABA 8′‐hydroxylases: key enzymes in ABA catabolism
T Kushiro, M Okamoto, K Nakabayashi, K Yamagishi, S Kitamura, T Asami, ...
The EMBO journal 23 (7), 1647-1656, 2004
Genome‐wide profiling of stored mRNA in Arabidopsis thaliana seed germination: epigenetic and genetic regulation of transcription in seed
K Nakabayashi, M Okamoto, T Koshiba, Y Kamiya, E Nambara
The plant journal 41 (5), 697-709, 2005
CYP707A1 and CYP707A2, which encode abscisic acid 8′-hydroxylases, are indispensable for proper control of seed dormancy and germination in Arabidopsis
M Okamoto, A Kuwahara, M Seo, T Kushiro, T Asami, N Hirai, Y Kamiya, ...
Plant physiology 141 (1), 97-107, 2006
Arabidopsis transcriptome analysis under drought, cold, high-salinity and ABA treatment conditions using a tiling array
A Matsui, J Ishida, T Morosawa, Y Mochizuki, E Kaminuma, TA Endo, ...
Plant and Cell Physiology 49 (8), 1135-1149, 2008
Functional analysis of Arabidopsis NCED6 and NCED9 genes indicates that ABA synthesized in the endosperm is involved in the induction of seed dormancy
V Lefebvre, H North, A Frey, B Sotta, M Seo, M Okamoto, E Nambara, ...
The Plant Journal 45 (3), 309-319, 2006
Abscisic acid and the control of seed dormancy and germination
E Nambara, M Okamoto, K Tatematsu, R Yano, M Seo, Y Kamiya
Seed Science Research 20 (2), 55-67, 2010
Regulation of hormone metabolism in Arabidopsis seeds: phytochrome regulation of abscisic acid metabolism and abscisic acid regulation of gibberellin metabolism
M Seo, A Hanada, A Kuwahara, A Endo, M Okamoto, Y Yamauchi, ...
The Plant Journal 48 (3), 354-366, 2006
High temperature-induced abscisic acid biosynthesis and its role in the inhibition of gibberellin action in Arabidopsis seeds
S Toh, A Imamura, A Watanabe, K Nakabayashi, M Okamoto, Y Jikumaru, ...
Plant physiology 146 (3), 1368-1385, 2008
The transcription factor FUSCA3 controls developmental timing in Arabidopsis through the hormones gibberellin and abscisic acid
S Gazzarrini, Y Tsuchiya, S Lumba, M Okamoto, P McCourt
Developmental cell 7 (3), 373-385, 2004
Drought induction of Arabidopsis 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase occurs in vascular parenchyma cells
A Endo, Y Sawada, H Takahashi, M Okamoto, K Ikegami, H Koiwai, ...
Plant physiology 147 (4), 1984-1993, 2008
CYP707A3, a major ABA 8′‐hydroxylase involved in dehydration and rehydration response in Arabidopsis thaliana
T Umezawa, M Okamoto, T Kushiro, E Nambara, Y Oono, M Seki, ...
The Plant Journal 46 (2), 171-182, 2006
Activation of dimeric ABA receptors elicits guard cell closure, ABA-regulated gene expression, and drought tolerance
M Okamoto, FC Peterson, A Defries, SY Park, A Endo, E Nambara, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (29), 12132-12137, 2013
High humidity induces abscisic acid 8′-hydroxylase in stomata and vasculature to regulate local and systemic abscisic acid responses in Arabidopsis
M Okamoto, Y Tanaka, SR Abrams, Y Kamiya, M Seki, E Nambara
Plant physiology 149 (2), 825-834, 2009
Ethylene Promotes Submergence-Induced Expression of OsABA8ox1 , a Gene that Encodes ABA 8′-Hydroxylase in Rice
H Saika, M Okamoto, K Miyoshi, T Kushiro, S Shinoda, Y Jikumaru, ...
Plant and Cell Physiology 48 (2), 287-298, 2007
Small open reading frames associated with morphogenesis are hidden in plant genomes
K Hanada, M Higuchi-Takeuchi, M Okamoto, T Yoshizumi, M Shimizu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (6), 2395-2400, 2013
Tuning water-use efficiency and drought tolerance in wheat using abscisic acid receptors
R Mega, F Abe, JS Kim, Y Tsuboi, K Tanaka, H Kobayashi, Y Sakata, ...
Nature plants 5 (2), 153-159, 2019
Activation of abscisic acid biosynthesis in the leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana in response to water deficit
K Ikegami, M Okamoto, M Seo, T Koshiba
Journal of plant research 122, 235-243, 2009
Ectopic Expression of ABSCISIC ACID 2/GLUCOSE INSENSITIVE 1 in Arabidopsis Promotes Seed Dormancy and Stress Tolerance
PC Lin, SG Hwang, A Endo, M Okamoto, T Koshiba, WH Cheng
Plant physiology 143 (2), 745-758, 2007
A Plant Growth Retardant, Uniconazole, Is a Potent Inhibitor of ABA Catabolism in Arabidopsis
S Saito, M Okamoto, S Shinoda, T Kushiro, T Koshiba, Y Kamiya, N Hirai, ...
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry 70 (7), 1731-1739, 2006
NIN-like protein 8 is a master regulator of nitrate-promoted seed germination in Arabidopsis
D Yan, V Easwaran, V Chau, M Okamoto, M Ierullo, M Kimura, A Endo, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 13179, 2016
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