Filippo Coletti
Filippo Coletti
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Cytowane przez
Particle-laden turbulence: progress and perspectives
L Brandt, F Coletti
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics 54, 159-189, 2022
Experimental study of inertial particles clustering and settling in homogeneous turbulence
AJ Petersen, L Baker, F Coletti
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Volumetric velocimetry for fluid flows
S Discetti, F Coletti
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Three-dimensional inspiratory flow in the upper and central human airways
AJ Banko, F Coletti, D Schiavazzi, CJ Elkins, JK Eaton
Experiments in Fluids 56, 1-12, 2015
Optimization of a U-bend for minimal pressure loss in internal cooling channels—Part I: Numerical method
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Snowflakes in the atmospheric surface layer: observation of particle–turbulence dynamics
A Nemes, T Dasari, J Hong, M Guala, F Coletti
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Experimental investigation of conjugate heat transfer in a rib-roughened trailing edge channel with crossing jets
F Coletti, M Scialanga, T Arts
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G Wang, KO Fong, F Coletti, J Capecelatro, DH Richter
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Generating and controlling homogeneous air turbulence using random jet arrays
D Carter, A Petersen, O Amili, F Coletti
Experiments in Fluids 57, 1-15, 2016
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