GA Torchia
GA Torchia
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Highly efficient laser action in femtosecond-written Nd: yttrium aluminum garnet ceramic waveguides
GA Torchia, A Rodenas, A Benayas, E Cantelar, L Roso, D Jaque
Applied Physics Letters 92 (11), 2008
Refractive index change mechanisms in femtosecond laser written ceramic Nd: YAG waveguides: micro-spectroscopy experiments and beam propagation calculations
A Ródenas, GA Torchia, G Lifante, E Cantelar, J Lamela, F Jaque, L Roso, ...
Applied Physics B 95, 85-96, 2009
Red, green, and blue simultaneous generation in aperiodically poled Zn-diffused nonlinear channel waveguides
E Cantelar, GA Torchia, JA Sanz-Garcıa, PL Pernas, G Lifante, F Cussó
Applied physics letters 83 (15), 2991-2993, 2003
Femtosecond-laser-written, stress-induced Nd:YVO4 waveguides preserving fluorescence and Raman gain
WF Silva, C Jacinto, A Benayas, JRV de Aldana, GA Torchia, F Chen, ...
Optics Letters 35 (7), 916-918, 2010
Ultrafast laser writing of optical waveguides in ceramic Yb: YAG: a study of thermal and non-thermal regimes
A Benayas, WF Silva, A Ródenas, C Jacinto, J Vázquez de Aldana, ...
Applied Physics A 104, 301-309, 2011
Femtosecond laser written surface waveguides fabricated in Nd: YAG ceramics
GA Torchia, PF Meilán, A Rodenas, D Jaque, C Mendez, L Roso
Optics Express 15 (20), 13266-13271, 2007
Continuous wave laser generation at 1064 nm in femtosecond laser inscribed Nd: YVO4 channel waveguides
Y Tan, F Chen, JR Vázquez de Aldana, GA Torchia, A Benayas, D Jaque
Applied Physics Letters 97 (3), 2010
Silver–silver oxide core–shell nanoparticles by femtosecond laser ablation: core and shell sizing by extinction spectroscopy
DC Schinca, LB Scaffardi, FA Videla, GA Torchia, P Moreno, L Roso
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (21), 215102, 2009
Anisotropic lattice changes in femtosecond laser inscribed Nd3+: MgO: LiNbO3 optical waveguides
A Ródenas, LM Maestro, MO Ramírez, GA Torchia, L Roso, F Chen, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (1), 2009
Thermally resistant waveguides fabricated in Nd: YAG ceramics by crossing femtosecond damage filaments
A Benayas, WF Silva, C Jacinto, E Cantelar, J Lamela, F Jaque, ...
Optics letters 35 (3), 330-332, 2010
Optical investigation of femtosecond laser induced microstress in neodymium doped lithium niobate crystals
A Ródenas, JA Sanz García, D Jaque, GA Torchia, C Mendez, I Arias, ...
Journal of applied physics 100 (3), 2006
A new method for relative Sr determination in human teeth enamel
FC Alvira, FVR Rozzi, GA Torchia, L Roso, GM Bilmes
Journal of Anthropological Sciences 89, 153-160, 2011
Photoinduced charge separation in R–CO 2–Re (CO) 3 (2, 2′-bipyridine) complexes. Two emitting charge transfer excited states
E Wolcan, G Torchia, J Tocho, OE Piro, P Juliarena, G Ruiz, MR Féliz
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 2194-2202, 2002
Laser gain in femtosecond microstructured Nd:MgO:LiNbO3 crystals
GA Torchia, C Mendez, I Arias, L Roso, A Rodenas, D Jaque
Applied Physics B 83, 559-563, 2006
Phonon coupling of Cr3+ ions in Cs2NaAlF6 crystals
GA Torchia, O Martinez-Matos, NM Khaidukov, JO Tocho
Solid state communications 130 (3-4), 159-163, 2004
Self-frequency-doubling of ultrafast laser inscribed neodymium doped yttrium aluminum borate waveguides
N Dong, J Martínez De Mendívil, E Cantelar, G Lifante, ...
Applied Physics Letters 98 (18), 2011
The luminescent quantum efficiency of Cr3+ ions in Cs2NaAlF6 single crystals
GA Torchia, D Schinca, NM Khaidukov, JO Tocho
Optical Materials 20 (4), 301-304, 2002
Redistribution of Cr3+ ions from Li+ to Nb5+ sites in ZnO codoped LiNbO3: Cr crystals
GA Torchia, JA Sanz-Garcıa, J Dıaz-Caro, F Jaque, TPJ Han
Chemical physics letters 288 (1), 65-70, 1998
Intensity modulator fabricated in LiNbO3 by femtosecond laser writing
DA Presti, V Guarepi, F Videla, A Fasciszewski, GA Torchia
Optics and Lasers in Engineering 111, 222-226, 2018
Analysis of the main optical mechanisms responsible for fragmentation of gold nanoparticles by femtosecond laser radiation
FA Videla, GA Torchia, DC Schinca, LB Scaffardi, P Moreno, C Méndez, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (11), 2010
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