Dimitris Bolis
Dimitris Bolis
Postdoc, Social Neuroscience & Translational Psychiatry, Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
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Cytowane przez
Beyond autism: introducing the dialectical misattunement hypothesis and a Bayesian account of intersubjectivity
D Bolis, J Balsters, N Wenderoth, C Becchio, L Schilbach
Psychopathology 50 (6), 355-372, 2017
Observing and participating in social interactions: action perception and action control across the autistic spectrum
D Bolis, L Schilbach
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Disrupted prediction errors index social deficits in autism spectrum disorder
JH Balsters, MAJ Apps, D Bolis, R Lehner, L Gallagher, N Wenderoth
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D Bolis, L Schilbach
Topoi 39 (3), 521-534, 2020
Beyond one Bayesian brain: Modeling intra-and inter-personal processes during social interaction: Commentary on “Mentalizing homeostasis: The social origins of interoceptive …
D Bolis, L Schilbach
Neuropsychoanalysis 19 (1), 35-38, 2017
Improving subspace learning for facial expression recognition using person dependent and geometrically enriched training sets
A Maronidis, D Bolis, A Tefas, I Pitas
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L Henco, AO Diaconescu, JM Lahnakoski, ML Brandi, S Hörmann, ...
PLoS computational biology 16 (9), e1008162, 2020
Improving the robustness of subspace learning techniques for facial expression recognition
D Bolis, A Maronidis, A Tefas, I Pitas
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The interactive self–a review on simulating social interactions to understand the mechanisms of social agency
ML Brandi, D Kaifel, D Bolis, L Schilbach
i-com 18 (1), 17-31, 2019
Noesis: an enhanced educational environment for kids with autism spectrum disorders
J Vittorias, P Petrantonakis, D Bolis, A Tsiligkyri, V Kosmidou, ...
2008 Eighth IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies …, 2008
Interpersonal similarity of autistic traits predicts friendship quality
D Bolis, JM Lahnakoski, D Seidel, J Tamm, L Schilbach
Social cognitive and affective neuroscience 16 (1-2), 222-231, 2021
Inferring cognitive traits of individual subjects through gaze controlled video games
D Bolis, J Heinzle, C Mathys, KE Stephan
EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste, 2015
Revisiting psychological definitions at the interface of sociocultural historical theories and predictive coding
D Bolis, C Becchio, L Schilbach
Worlding the BRAIN: Patterns, Rhythms, Narratives in Neuroscience and the …, 2016
‘Through others we become ourselves’: The dialectics of predictive coding and active inference
D Bolis, L Schilbach
PsyArXiv, 2019
'I interact therefore I am': Human becoming in and through social interaction
D Bolis
LMU Munich; Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, 2020
Application of pattern recognition techniques to locate the Vim thalamic nucleus based on thalamocortical tractography
D Bolis, A Jakab, O Goksel, G Székely
European Congress of Radiology-ECR 2012, 2012
On exploiting the connectomics for thalamic nuclei localization: Application of pattern recognition techniques
D Bolis, A Jakab, O Goksel, G Székely
Congress of the European Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology, 2012
On Exploiting Connectomics for Thalamic Nuclei Localization: A Supervised Learning Approach
D Bolis, A Jakab, O Göksel, G Székely
ICML Workshop on Statistics, Machine Learning and Neuroscience, 2012
Language Formation: The Nativist and Non-Nativist Dilemma
A Apostolou, D Bolis
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