Jouko Lahtinen
Jouko Lahtinen
Senior University Lecturer, Department of Applied Physics, School of Science, Aalto University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Chemical state quantification of iron and chromium oxides using XPS: the effect of the background subtraction method
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Structure and local variations of the graphene moiré on Ir (111)
SK Hämäläinen, MP Boneschanscher, PH Jacobse, I Swart, K Pussi, ...
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1, 3-and 1, 4-cyclohexadiene reaction intermediates in cyclohexene hydrogenation and dehydrogenation on Pt (111) crystal surface: a combined reaction kinetics and surface …
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An XPS study of metallic three-way catalysts: The effect of additives on platinum, rhodium, and cerium
A Talo, J Lahtinen, P Hautojärvi
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 5 (3), 221-231, 1995
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