Hans Christen
Hans Christen
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Strong polarization enhancement in asymmetric three-component ferroelectric superlattices
HN Lee, HM Christen, MF Chisholm, CM Rouleau, DH Lowndes
Nature 433 (7024), 395-399, 2005
Recent advances in pulsed-laser deposition of complex oxides
HM Christen, G Eres
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EJ Crumlin, E Mutoro, Z Liu, ME Grass, MD Biegalski, YL Lee, D Morgan, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (3), 6081-6088, 2012
Spectroscopic imaging of single atoms within a bulk solid
M Varela, SD Findlay, AR Lupini, HM Christen, AY Borisevich, N Dellby, ...
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Probing oxygen vacancy concentration and homogeneity in solid-oxide fuel-cell cathode materials on the subunit-cell level
YM Kim, J He, MD Biegalski, H Ambaye, V Lauter, HM Christen, ...
Nature materials 11 (10), 888-894, 2012
Stress-induced symmetry changes in BiFeO films
HM Christen, JH Nam, HS Kim, AJ Hatt, NA Spaldin
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Room-temperature multiferroic hexagonal LuFeO 3 films
W Wang, J Zhao, W Wang, Z Gai, N Balke, M Chi, HN Lee, W Tian, L Zhu, ...
Physical review letters 110 (23), 237601, 2013
Enhanced oxygen reduction activity on surface-decorated perovskite thin films for solid oxide fuel cells
E Mutoro, EJ Crumlin, MD Biegalski, HM Christen, Y Shao-Horn
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (9), 3689-3696, 2011
Suppressed dependence of polarization on epitaxial strain in highly polar ferroelectrics
HN Lee, SM Nakhmanson, MF Chisholm, HM Christen, KM Rabe, ...
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Water Dissociation on CeO2(100) and CeO2(111) Thin Films
DR Mullins, PM Albrecht, TL Chen, FC Calaza, MD Biegalski, ...
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Dielectric properties of sputtered SrTiO 3 films
HM Christen, J Mannhart, EJ Williams, C Gerber
Physical Review B 49 (17), 12095, 1994
X-Ray Diffraction Measurement of the Effect of Layer Thickness on the Ferroelectric Transition in Epitaxial Multilayers
ED Specht, HM Christen, DP Norton, LA Boatner
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Effect of epitaxial strain on ferroelectric polarization in multiferroic BiFeO3 films
DH Kim, HN Lee, MD Biegalski, HM Christen
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Far-infrared optical conductivity gap in superconducting MgB 2 films
RA Kaindl, MA Carnahan, J Orenstein, DS Chemla, HM Christen, HY Zhai, ...
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Oxygen electrocatalysis on (001)-oriented manganese perovskite films: Mn valency and charge transfer at the nanoscale
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Large resistivity modulation in mixed-phase metallic systems
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Direct observation of defect range and evolution in ion-irradiated single crystalline Ni and Ni binary alloys
C Lu, K Jin, LK Béland, F Zhang, T Yang, L Qiao, Y Zhang, H Bei, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 19994, 2016
Persistent step-flow growth of strained films on vicinal substrates
W Hong, HN Lee, M Yoon, HM Christen, DH Lowndes, Z Suo, Z Zhang
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Superconducting films via precursor postprocessing approach
M Paranthaman, C Cantoni, HY Zhai, HM Christen, T Aytug, ...
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The growth and properties of epitaxial KNbO3 thin films and KNbO3/KTaO3 superlattices
HM Christen, LA Boatner, JD Budai, MF Chisholm, LA Gea, PJ Marrero, ...
Applied physics letters 68 (11), 1488-1490, 1996
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