Dariusz Mikołajewski
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Survey on AI-Based Multimodal Methods for Emotion Detection.
C Marechal, D Mikolajewski, K Tyburek, P Prokopowicz, L Bougueroua, ...
High-performance modelling and simulation for big data applications 11400 …, 2019
Ethical considerations in the use of brain-computer interfaces
E Mikołajewska, D Mikołajewski
Central European Journal of Medicine 8, 720-724, 2013
Exoskeletons in neurological diseases-current and potential future applications
E Mikołajewska, D Mikołajewski
Adv Clin Exp Med 20 (2), 227-233, 2011
Digital twins in product lifecycle for sustainability in manufacturing and maintenance
I Rojek, D Mikołajewski, E Dostatni
Applied Sciences 11 (1), 31, 2020
Limbic brain structures and burnout—A systematic review
YK Chow, J Masiak, E Mikołajewska, D Mikołajewski, GM Wójcik, ...
Advances in medical sciences 63 (1), 192-198, 2018
E-learning in the education of people with disabilities
E Mikołajewska, D Mikołajewski
Adv Clin Exp Med 20 (1), 103-109, 2011
Theory and applications of ordered fuzzy numbers: a tribute to Professor Witold Kosiński
P Prokopowicz, J Czerniak, D Mikołajewski, Ł Apiecionek, D Ślȩzak
Springer Nature, 2017
AI-optimized technological aspects of the material used in 3D printing processes for selected medical applications
I Rojek, D Mikołajewski, E Dostatni, M Macko
Materials 13 (23), 5437, 2020
Neuroprostheses for increasing disabled patients’ mobility and control
E Mikołajewska, D Mikołajewski
Adv Clin Exp Med 21 (2), 263-272, 2012
The prospects of brain—computer interface applications in children
E Mikołajewska, D Mikołajewski
Open Medicine 9 (1), 74-79, 2014
Wheelchair development from the perspective of physical therapists and biomedical engineers
E Mikołajewska, D Mikołajewski
Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine 19 (6), 771-776, 2010
3D printing technologies in rehabilitation engineering
E Mikołajewska, M Macko, Ł Ziarnecki, S Stańczak, P Kawalec, ...
Modern methods in the field of machine modelling and simulation as a research and practical issue related to Industry 4.0
I Rojek, M Macko, D Mikołajewski, M Sága, T Burczyński
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences 69 (2), 2021
Recent advances in bipedal walking robots: Review of gait, drive, sensors and control systems
T Mikolajczyk, E Mikołajewska, HFN Al-Shuka, T Malinowski, A Kłodowski, ...
Sensors 22 (12), 4440, 2022
Non-invasive EEG-based brain-computer interfaces in patients with disorders of consciousness
E Mikołajewska, D Mikołajewski
Military Medical Research 1 (1), 1-6, 2014
Fuzzy system as an assessment tool for analysis of the health-related quality of life for the people after stroke
P Prokopowicz, D Mikołajewski, E Mikołajewska, P Kotlarz
Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: 16th International Conference …, 2017
Integrated IT environment for people with disabilities: a new concept
E Mikołajewska, D Mikołajewski
Open Medicine 9 (1), 177-182, 2014
Neurorehabilitacja XXI wieku
E Mikołajewska, D Mikołajewski
Techniki teleinformatyczne (book in Polish). Impuls, Kraków, 2011
Computational approach to understanding autism spectrum disorders
W Duch, W Nowak, J Meller, G Osiński, K Dobosz, D Mikołajewski, ...
Computer Science 13 (2), 47-47, 2012
Computational gait analysis for post-stroke rehabilitation purposes using fuzzy numbers, fractal dimension and neural networks
P Prokopowicz, D Mikołajewski, K Tyburek, E Mikołajewska
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences, 2020
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