Mahmood Ghoranneviss
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Cytowane przez
High-performance supercapacitors based on the carbon nanotubes, graphene and graphite nanoparticles electrodes
LF Aval, M Ghoranneviss, GB Pour
Heliyon 4 (11), 2018
Effects of cold plasma treatment on antioxidants activity, phenolic contents and shelf life of fresh and dried walnut (Juglans regia L.) cultivars during storage
M Amini, M Ghoranneviss
Lwt 73, 178-184, 2016
Investigation on the effects of the atmospheric pressure plasma on wound healing in diabetic rats
S Fathollah, S Mirpour, P Mansouri, AR Dehpour, M Ghoranneviss, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 19144, 2016
A review-application of physical vapor deposition (PVD) and related methods in the textile industry
S Shahidi, B Moazzenchi, M Ghoranneviss
The European Physical Journal Applied Physics 71 (3), 31302, 2015
Surface modification methods for improving the dyeability of textile fabrics
S Shahidi, J Wiener, M Ghoranneviss
Eco-friendly textile dyeing and finishing 10, 53911, 2013
Fusion energy without radioactivity: laser ignition of solid hydrogen–boron (11) fuel
H Hora, GH Miley, M Ghoranneviss, B Malekynia, N Azizi, XT He
Energy & Environmental Science 3 (4), 478-485, 2010
Cold atmospheric plasma as an effective method to treat diabetic foot ulcers: A randomized clinical trial
S Mirpour, S Fathollah, P Mansouri, B Larijani, M Ghoranneviss, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 10440, 2020
Investigation of antibacterial activity on cotton fabrics with cold plasma in the presence of a magnetic field
S Shahidi, M Ghoranneviss, B Moazzenchi, A Rashidi, M Mirjalili
Plasma Processes and Polymers 4 (S1), S1098-S1103, 2007
Structural and morphological properties of ITO thin films grown by magnetron sputtering
Z Ghorannevis, E Akbarnejad, M Ghoranneviss
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics 9, 285-290, 2015
Improving the surface properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes after irradiation with gamma rays
B Safibonab, A Reyhani, AN Golikand, SZ Mortazavi, S Mirershadi, ...
Applied Surface Science 258 (2), 766-773, 2011
Nonlinear responses and optical limiting behavior of Basic Violet 16 dye under CW laser illumination
M Rashidian, D Dorranian, SA Darani, S Saghafi, M Ghoranneviss
Optik 120 (18), 1000-1006, 2009
Structural and optical characterization of PMMA surface treated in low power nitrogen and oxygen RF plasmas
D Dorranian, Z Abedini, A Hojabri, M Ghoranneviss
Journal of Non-Oxide Glasses 1 (3), 217-229, 2009
Influence of plasma sputtering treatment on natural dyeing and antibacterial activity of wool fabrics
M Ghoranneviss, S Shahidi, A Anvari, Z Motaghi, J Wiener, I Šlamborová
Progress in Organic Coatings 70 (4), 388-393, 2011
Twenty times lower ignition threshold for laser driven fusion using collective effects and the inhibition factor
H Hora, B Malekynia, M Ghoranneviss, GH Miley, X He
Applied Physics Letters 93 (1), 2008
Synthesis and optical characterization of copper nanoparticles prepared by laser ablation
S Moniri, M Ghoranneviss, MR Hantehzadeh, MA Asadabad
Bulletin of Materials Science 40, 37-43, 2017
Investigation of metal absorption and antibacterial activity on cotton fabric modified by low temperature plasma
S Shahidi, A Rashidi, M Ghoranneviss, A Anvari, MK Rahimi, ...
Cellulose 17, 627-634, 2010
Fractal features and surface micromorphology of diamond nanocrystals
Ş Ţălu, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, A Ghaderi, V Dalouji, S Solaymani, ...
Journal of microscopy 264 (2), 143-152, 2016
Fluorescence emission spectra of silver and silver/cobalt nanoparticles
Z Parang, A Keshavarz, S Farahi, SM Elahi, M Ghoranneviss, ...
Scientia Iranica 19 (3), 943-947, 2012
Non-thermal Plasma Induced Expression of Heat Shock Factor A4A and Improved Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Growth and Resistance Against Salt Stress
A Iranbakhsh, NO Ardebili, ZO Ardebili, M Shafaati, M Ghoranneviss
Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 38, 29-44, 2018
Plasma effects on anti-felting properties of wool fabrics
S Shahidi, A Rashidi, M Ghoranneviss, A Anvari, J Wiener
Surface and Coatings Technology 205, S349-S354, 2010
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