Horia Metiu
Horia Metiu
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Catalysis by doped oxides
EW McFarland, H Metiu
Chemical reviews 113 (6), 4391-4427, 2013
Catalysis by doped oxides: CO oxidation by AuxCe1− xO2
V Shapovalov, H Metiu
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CO2 methanation on Ru-doped ceria
S Sharma, Z Hu, P Zhang, EW McFarland, H Metiu
Journal of Catalysis 278 (2), 297-309, 2011
An efficient procedure for calculating the evolution of the wave function by fast Fourier transform methods for systems with spatially extended wave function and localized …
R Heather, H Metiu
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The interaction between electromagnetic resonances and its role in spectroscopic studies of molecules adsorbed on colloidal particles or metal spheres
PK Aravind, A Nitzan, H Metiu
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Surface enhanced spectroscopy
H Metiu
Progress in Surface Science 17 (3-4), 153-320, 1984
Oxygen adsorption on Au clusters and a rough Au (111) surface: The role of surface flatness, electron confinement, excess electrons, and band gap
G Mills, MS Gordon, H Metiu
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The effects of the interaction between resonances in the electromagnetic response of a sphere-plane structure; applications to surface enhanced spectroscopy
PK Aravind, H Metiu
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Chemistry of Lewis acid–base pairs on oxide surfaces
H Metiu, S Chrétien, Z Hu, B Li, XY Sun
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Choice of U for DFT+U Calculations for Titanium Oxides
Z Hu, H Metiu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (13), 5841-5845, 2011
Control of catalytic reactions at the surface of a metal oxide nanowire by manipulating electron density inside it
Y Zhang, A Kolmakov, S Chretien, H Metiu, M Moskovits
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The electromagnetic theory of surface enhanced spectroscopy
H Metiu, P Das
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The adsorption of molecular oxygen on neutral and negative Aun clusters (n= 2–5)
G Mills, MS Gordon, H Metiu
Chemical Physics Letters 359 (5-6), 493-499, 2002
Adsorption of gold on stoichiometric and reduced rutile surfaces
A Vijay, G Mills, H Metiu
The Journal of chemical physics 118 (14), 6536-6551, 2003
Catalytic molten metals for the direct conversion of methane to hydrogen and separable carbon
DC Upham, V Agarwal, A Khechfe, ZR Snodgrass, MJ Gordon, H Metiu, ...
Science 358 (6365), 917-921, 2017
A strategy for time dependent quantum mechanical calculations using a Gaussian wave packet representation of the wave function
SI Sawada, R Heather, B Jackson, H Metiu
The Journal of chemical physics 83 (6), 3009-3027, 1985
Where does the planar-to-nonplanar turnover occur in small gold clusters?
RM Olson, S Varganov, MS Gordon, H Metiu, S Chretien, P Piecuch, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (3), 1049-1052, 2005
Laser-induced localization of an electron in a double-well quantum structure
R Bavli, H Metiu
Physical review letters 69 (13), 1986, 1992
Tailoring the Activity for Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysis on Rutile TiO2(110) by Transition‐Metal Substitution
M García‐Mota, A Vojvodic, H Metiu, IC Man, HY Su, J Rossmeisl, ...
ChemCatChem 3 (10), 1607-1611, 2011
Methane complete and partial oxidation catalyzed by Pt-doped CeO2
W Tang, Z Hu, M Wang, GD Stucky, H Metiu, EW McFarland
Journal of Catalysis 273 (2), 125-137, 2010
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