Yintao Yu
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Ranking-based clustering of heterogeneous information networks with star network schema
Y Sun, Y Yu, J Han
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Mining advisor-advisee relationships from research publication networks
C Wang, J Han, Y Jia, J Tang, D Zhang, Y Yu, J Guo
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Fast computation of simrank for static and dynamic information networks
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Y Sun, J Han, J Gao, Y Yu
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Probabilistic topic models with biased propagation on heterogeneous information networks
H Deng, J Han, B Zhao, Y Yu, CX Lin
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MoveMine: mining moving object databases
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Finding Spread Blockers in Dynamic Networks
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Y Yu, CX Lin, Y Sun, C Chen, J Han, B Liao, T Wu, CX Zhai, D Zhang, ...
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Keyword search in text cube: Finding top-k relevant cells
B Ding, Y Yu, B Zhao, CX Lin, J Han, C Zhai
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Finding spread blockers in dynamic networks
H Habiba, Y Yu, TY Berger-Wolf, J Saia
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