Tomasz Cieplak
Tomasz Cieplak
doktor nauk technicznych, Politechnika Lubelska
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Ozone generation using plate rotating electrode ozonizer-effect of electrode rotation and discharge analysis method
T Cieplak, C Yamabe, S Ihara, S Satoh, J Pawlat, J Cieplak, I Polio
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Ozone generation using plate ozonizer with a rotating electrode
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Ozone Generation Using Plate Ozonizer with a Rotating Electrode
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Analysis of the process of ozone generation and micro-channel intensity distribution by the discharge analysis method
T Cieplak, C Yamabe, JM Olchowik, J Ozonek
Materials Science-Poland 24 (4), 2006
Optimization of work conditions of solar cells in hybrid solar system under conditions of Southeast Poland
JM Olchowik, I Jóźwik, R Tomaszewski, D Szymczuk, J Adamczyk, ...
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Comparativestudy of the solarmodules performance in the hybrid system in south-easterly Poland duringfirsttwoyears of exploitation
JM Olchowik, S Gułkowski, K Cieślak, I Jóźwik, J Banaś, S Olchowik, ...
Proc. of 21th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference 4 (8), 2006
The cloud computing stream analysis system for road artefacts detection
M Badurowicz, T Cieplak, J Montusiewicz
International Conference on Computer Networks, 360-369, 2016
Application of a neural EIT system to control the processes
T Rymarczyk, G Kłosowski, T Cieplak, E Kozłowski
2018 Applications of Electromagnetics in Modern Techniques and Medicine …, 2018
Video materials as a means of promotion and advertising of the fields of study
M Malec, T Cieplak
Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal 10 (31), 274--280, 2016
On-the-fly community-driven mobile accelerometer data analysis system for road quality assessment
M Badurowicz, T Cieplak, J Montusiewicz
Applied Computer Science 12 (4), 2016
Introduction to Basic Integration of Measurement Devices with Cloud Computing Services
T Cieplak, P Muryjas
Applied Mechanics and Materials 791, 34-41, 2015
T Cieplak, M Mirosław
Advances in Science and Technology 8 (24), 55–60, 2014
Response on the solar cells in hybrid system to insolation conditions of South-Easterly Poland
KJ Cieślak, I Jozwik, S Gulkowski, JM Olchowik, D Szymczuk, K Zabielski, ...
Twentieth European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, 2974-2976, 2005
Ozone generation with barrier discharge using rotating electrode covered with ceramic dielectric
T Cieplak, C Yamabe, S Ihara, I Pollo
Proc. Technical Meeting of IEE of Japan, 17-22, 1997
Industrial processes control with the use of a neural tomographic algorithm
T Rymarczyk, G KŁOSOWSKI, T Cieplak, E KOZŁOWSKI
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 95, 2019
A concept of the air quality monitoring system in the city of Lublin with machine learning methods to detect data outliers
T Cieplak, T Rymarczyk, R Tomaszewski
MATEC Web of Conferences 252, 03009, 2019
Area monitoring using the ERT method with multisensor electrodes
T Rymarczyk, G KŁOSOWSKI, P TCHÓRZEWSKI, T Cieplak, ...
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 95, 2019
Remote Monitoring of Production Resources With the Use of Modern Stream and Machining Learning Tools
J Pizoń, T Cieplak
Zeszyt Naukowy. pl/Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania i Bankowości w Krakowie, 1-12, 2017
The use of Petri nets in decision support systems based on intelligent multiply source data analysis
T Rymarczyk, G Kłosowski, T Cieplak
Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary w Gospodarce i Ochronie Środowiska 7, 2017
Effect of electrode rotatation on the ozonr generation process
T Cieplak, C Yamabe, S Ihara, S Satoh, J Cieplak
Reports on Yamabe’s Laboratory 3, 49-54, 1999
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