Mary Jane De Souza
Mary Jane De Souza
Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology and Physiology
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2014 Female Athlete Triad Coalition Consensus Statement on treatment and return to play of the female athlete triad: 1st International Conference held in San Francisco …
MJ De Souza, A Nattiv, E Joy, M Misra, NI Williams, RJ Mallinson, ...
Br J Sports Med 48 (4), 289-289, 2014
High frequency of luteal phase deficiency and anovulation in recreational women runners: blunted elevation in follicle-stimulating hormone observed during luteal-follicular …
MJ De Souza, BE Miller, AB Loucks, AA Luciano, LS Pescatello, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 83 (12), 4220-4232, 1998
The impact of recent technological advances on the trueness and precision of DXA to assess body composition
RJ Toombs, G Ducher, JA Shepherd, MJ De Souza
Obesity 20 (1), 30-39, 2012
Higher incidence of bone stress injuries with increasing female athlete triad–related risk factors: a prospective multisite study of exercising girls and women
MT Barrack, JC Gibbs, MJ De Souza, NI Williams, JF Nichols, MJ Rauh, ...
The American journal of sports medicine 42 (4), 949-958, 2014
High prevalence of subtle and severe menstrual disturbances in exercising women: confirmation using daily hormone measures
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Prevalence of individual and combined components of the female athlete triad
JC Gibbs, NI Williams, MJ De Souza
Med Sci Sports Exerc 45 (5), 985-996, 2013
The presence of both an energy deficiency and estrogen deficiency exacerbate alterations of bone metabolism in exercising women
MJ De Souza, SL West, SA Jamal, GA Hawker, CM Gundberg, NI Williams
Bone 43 (1), 140-148, 2008
Disordered eating in women's gymnastics: Perspectives of athletes, coaches, parents, and judges
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Ovarian suppression impairs sport performance in junior elite female swimmers
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MJ De Souza
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K Koehler, NR Hoerner, JC Gibbs, C Zinner, H Braun, MJ De Souza, ...
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NI Williams, HJ Leidy, BR Hill, JL Lieberman, RS Legro, MJD Souza
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 308 (1), E29-E39, 2015
Severity of energy-related menstrual disturbances increases in proportion to indices of energy conservation in exercising women
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Drive for thinness score is a proxy indicator of energy deficiency in exercising women
MJ De Souza, R Hontscharuk, M Olmsted, G Kerr, NI Williams
Appetite 48 (3), 359-367, 2007
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