Xiuquan Du
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Cytowane przez
DeepPPI: boosting prediction of protein–protein interactions with deep neural networks
X Du, S Sun, C Hu, Y Yao, Y Yan, Y Zhang
Journal of chemical information and modeling 57 (6), 1499-1510, 2017
Direct delineation of myocardial infarction without contrast agents using a joint motion feature learning architecture
C Xu, L Xu, Z Gao, S Zhao, H Zhang, Y Zhang, X Du, S Zhao, D Ghista, ...
Medical image analysis 50, 82-94, 2018
MsDBP: exploring DNA-binding proteins by integrating multiscale sequence information via Chou’s five-step rule
X Du, Y Diao, H Liu, S Li
Journal of Proteome Research 18 (8), 3119-3132, 2019
Simultaneous left atrium anatomy and scar segmentations via deep learning in multiview information with attention
G Yang, J Chen, Z Gao, S Li, H Ni, E Angelini, T Wong, R Mohiaddin, ...
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Deep regression segmentation for cardiac bi-ventricle MR images
X Du, W Zhang, H Zhang, J Chen, Y Zhang, JC Warrington, G Brahm, S Li
IEEE Access 6, 3828-3838, 2018
A parameter-free cleaning method for SMOTE in imbalanced classification
Y Yan, R Liu, Z Ding, X Du, J Chen, Y Zhang
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Multiview two-task recursive attention model for left atrium and atrial scars segmentation
J Chen, G Yang, Z Gao, H Ni, E Angelini, R Mohiaddin, T Wong, Y Zhang, ...
International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted …, 2018
Direct detection of pixel-level myocardial infarction areas via a deep-learning algorithm
C Xu, L Xu, Z Gao, S Zhao, H Zhang, Y Zhang, X Du, S Zhao, D Ghista, ...
International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted …, 2017
Correlated regression feature learning for automated right ventricle segmentation
J Chen, H Zhang, W Zhang, X Du, Y Zhang, S Li
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A novel feature extraction scheme with ensemble coding for protein–protein interaction prediction
X Du, J Cheng, T Zheng, Z Duan, F Qian
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 15 (7), 12731-12749, 2014
A three-way decision ensemble method for imbalanced data oversampling
YT Yan, ZB Wu, XQ Du, J Chen, S Zhao, YP Zhang
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 107, 1-16, 2019
An integration of deep learning with feature embedding for protein–protein interaction prediction
Y Yao, X Du, Y Diao, H Zhu
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Complexity analysis of electroencephalogram dynamics in patients with Parkinson’s disease
G Liu, Y Zhang, Z Hu, X Du, W Wu, C Xu, X Wang, S Li
Parkinson’s Disease 2017, 2017
ConvsPPIS: identifying protein-protein interaction sites by an ensemble convolutional neural network with feature graph
H Zhu, X Du, Y Yao
Current Bioinformatics 15 (4), 368-378, 2020
Cardiac-DeepIED: automatic pixel-level deep segmentation for cardiac bi-ventricle using improved end-to-end encoder-decoder network
X Du, S Yin, R Tang, Y Zhang, S Li
IEEE journal of translational engineering in health and medicine 7, 1-10, 2019
A selective neural network ensemble classification for incomplete data
YT Yan, YP Zhang, YW Zhang, XQ Du
International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics 8 (5), 1513-1524, 2017
Improved prediction of protein binding sites from sequences using genetic algorithm
X Du, J Cheng, J Song
The protein journal 28 (6), 273-280, 2009
Deepss: Exploring splice site motif through convolutional neural network directly from dna sequence
X Du, Y Yao, Y Diao, H Zhu, Y Zhang, S Li
IEEE Access 6, 32958-32978, 2018
Identification and analysis of cancer diagnosis using probabilistic classification vector machines with feature selection
X Du, X Li, W Li, Y Yan, Y Zhang
Current Bioinformatics 13 (6), 625-632, 2018
Direct segmentation-based full quantification for left ventricle via deep multi-task regression learning network
X Du, R Tang, S Yin, Y Zhang, S Li
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 23 (3), 942-948, 2018
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