Marcin E. Witkowski
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Studies of light yield as a function of temperature and low temperature thermoluminescence of Gd3Al2Ga3O12: Ce scintillator crystals
W Drozdowski, K Brylew, ME Witkowski, AJ Wojtowicz, P Solarz, ...
Optical Materials 36 (10), 1665-1669, 2014
Effect of thermal annealing on light yield, low temperature thermoluminescence, and time profiles of LuAG: Pr scintillator crystals
W Drozdowski, K Brylew, ME Witkowski, AJ Wojtowicz, K Kamada, ...
Radiation Measurements 56, 80-83, 2013
Photo-and radioluminescent properties of undoped and Bi-doped Lu2WO6 powders at 10–300 K
A Madej, ME Witkowski, AJ Wojtowicz, E Zych
Journal of Luminescence 160, 50-56, 2015
Effect of thermal annealing in air on scintillation properties of LuAG and LuAG: Pr
K Brylew, W Drozdowski, ME Witkowski, K Kamada, T Yanagida, ...
Central European Journal of Physics 11 (1), 138-142, 2013
Dual Hg-Rb magneto-optical trap
M Witkowski, B Nagórny, R Munoz-Rodriguez, R Ciuryło, PS Żuchowski, ...
Optics express 25 (4), 3165-3179, 2017
Effect of Lu-to-Y ratio and Mo coactivation on scintillation properties of LuYAG: Pr and LuAG: Pr, Mo crystals
W Drozdowski, K Brylew, ME Witkowski, A Drewniak, Z Masewicz, ...
Optical Materials 59, 107-114, 2016
High and low spin energy states of the Tb3+ 4f75d configuration in BaF2
ME Witkowski, AJ Wojtowicz
Optical Materials 33 (10), 1535-1539, 2011
Thermal Quenching and Dose Studies of X-ray Luminescence in Single Crystals of Halide Perovskites
A Xie, TH Nguyen, C Hettiarachchi, ME Witkowski, W Drozdowski, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (28), 16265-16273, 2018
Matter-wave interference versus spontaneous pattern formation in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates
M Witkowski, R Gartman, B Nagórny, M Piotrowski, M Płodzień, K Sacha, ...
Physical Review A 88 (2), 025602, 2013
Excited Pr3+-Pr3+-Trapped Exciton Conversion in BaF2
AJ Wojtowicz, K Brylew, P Palczewski, ME Witkowski
Hasylab Annual Reports, 2012
Scintillation properties of Gd3Al2Ga3O12: Ce (GAGG: Ce): a comparison between monocrystalline and nanoceramic samples
W Drozdowski, ME Witkowski, P Solarz, P Głuchowski, M Głowacki, ...
Optical Materials 79, 227-231, 2018
Luminescence and scintillation properties of XPO4:Nd 3+ (X=Y, Lu, Sc, La) crystals
M Makowski, ME Witkowski, W Drozdowski, AJ Wojtowicz, K Wisniewski, ...
Optical Materials 79, 273-278, 2018
A preliminary assessment of Lu2Y2Al2O9: Pr (LuYAM: Pr) as a potential scintillator
W Drozdowski, ME Witkowski, K Brylew, W Łachmański, M Makowski, ...
Radiation Measurements 93, 41-45, 2016
β-Ga2O3: Ce as a fast scintillator: An unclear role of cerium
W Drozdowski, M Makowski, ME Witkowski, AJ Wojtowicz, Z Galazka, ...
Radiation Measurements 121, 49-53, 2019
BaWO4: Ce Single Crystals Codoped with Na Ions
S Kaczmarek, G Leniec, T Bodziony, H Fuks, Z Kowalski, W Drozdowski, ...
Crystals 9 (1), 28, 2019
Photoionization cross sections of the and states of Rb in simultaneous magneto-optical trapping of Rb and Hg
M Witkowski, R Munoz-Rodriguez, A Raczyński, J Zaremba, B Nagórny, ...
Physical Review A 98 (5), 053444, 2018
Scintillation properties and effect of thermal annealing in Lu3Al5O12: Ce and Lu3Al5O12: Pr ceramics
ME Witkowski, D Zhou, W Drozdowski, J Xu
Optical Materials 85, 230-237, 2018
Radioluminescence, low temperature thermoluminescence and scintillation properties of Ca and Eu doped ZnWO4 single crystals
Z Kowalski, SM Kaczmarek, W Drozdowski, ME Witkowski, M Makowski, ...
Radiation Measurements 118, 1-7, 2018
Effect of doping with cobalt on radioluminescence and low temperature thermoluminescence of Li2B4O7 crystals
W Drozdowski, SM Kaczmarek, Z Kowalski, K Brylew, ME Witkowski, ...
Radiation Measurements 70, 29-33, 2014
Experimental set-up for study of collisions of cold mercury atoms for optical frequency clocks
M Witkowski, S Bilicki, B Nagórny, B Przewieźlikowski, ...
2014 European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF), 511-513, 2014
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