Martin Brändle
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Acidity differences between inorganic solids induced by their framework structure. A combined quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics ab initio study on zeolites
M Brändle, J Sauer
Journal of the American Chemical Society 120 (7), 1556-1570, 1998
Predicting absolute and site specific acidities for zeolite catalysts by a combined quantum mechanics/interatomic potential function approach
U Eichler, M Brändle, J Sauer
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 101 (48), 10035-10050, 1997
The coverage of Microsoft Academic: analyzing the publication output of a university
SE Hug, MP Brändle
Scientometrics, 2017
Citation analysis with Microsoft Academic
SE Hug, M Ochsner, MP Brändle
Scientometrics, 2017
Combining ab initio techniques with analytical potential functions. A study of zeolite-adsorbate interactions for NH3 on H-faujasite
M Brändle, J Sauer
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 119 (1-3), 19-33, 1997
Comparison of a combined quantum mechanics/interatomic potential function approach with its periodic quantum-mechanical limit: Proton siting and ammonia adsorption in zeolite …
M Brändle, J Sauer, R Dovesi, NM Harrison
The Journal of chemical physics 109 (23), 10379-10389, 1998
Molecular Geometries by the Extended‐Hückel Molecular Orbital method II: Hydrocarbons and organic molecules containing O, N, and S
M Brändle, G Calzaferri
Helvetica chimica acta 76 (2), 924-951, 1993
On the interpretation of the experimental Raman spectrum of β-eucryptite LiAlSiO4 from atomistic computer modeling
R Sprengard, K Binder, M Brändle, U Fotheringham, J Sauer, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 274 (1-3), 264-270, 2000
The number of linked references of publications in Microsoft Academic in comparison with the Web of Science
R Haunschild, SE Hug, MP Brändle, L Bornmann
Scientometrics 114, 367-370, 2018
Molecular Geometries by the Extended‐Hückel Molecular Orbital Method III: Band‐structure calculations
M Brändle, G Calzaferri
Helvetica chimica acta 76 (6), 2350-2355, 1993
Resource description framework technologies in chemistry
EL Willighagen, MP Brändle
Journal of Cheminformatics 3, 1-6, 2011
Chemical information media in the chemistry lecture hall: A comparative assessment of two online encyclopedias
L Korosec, PA Limacher, HP Lüthi, MP Brändle
Chimia 64 (5), 309-309, 2010
Size quantization and surface states of molybdenum sulphide clusters: a molecular orbital approach
M Brändle, G Calzaferri, M Lanz
Chemical physics 201 (1), 141-150, 1995
Silver clusters in the cages of zeolites: A quantum chemical study
M Brändle, G Calzaferri
Research on Chemical Intermediates 20, 783-806, 1994
M Brandle, R Rytz, G Calzaferri
University of Bern, 1997
ICON-EDiT, Extended Hückel Molecular Orbital and Transition Dipole Moment Calculations
G Calzaferri, R Rytz, M Brändle, D Brühwiler, S Glaus
Extended Hückel Calculations
G Calzaferri, M Brändle
QCPE Bull 12 (4), 1992
Microsoft Academic is on the verge of becoming a bibliometric superpower
SE Hug, MP Brändle
Impact of Social Sciences Blog, 2017
The MP2 binding energy of the ethene dimer and its dependence on the auxiliary basis sets: a benchmark study using a newly developed infrastructure for the processing of …
A Glöß, MP Brändle, W Klopper, HP Lüthi
Molecular Physics 110 (19-20), 2523-2534, 2012
Statistical analysis of quantum chemical data using generalized XML/CML archives for the derivation of molecular design rules
A Elsener, CCM Samson, MP Brändle, P Bühlmann, HP Lüthi
Chimia 61 (4), 165-165, 2007
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