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Disaggregating and harmonising soil map units through resampled classification trees
NP Odgers, W Sun, AB McBratney, B Minasny, D Clifford
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KRN4 Controls Quantitative Variation in Maize Kernel Row Number
L Liu, Y Du, X Shen, M Li, W Sun, J Huang, Z Liu, Y Tao, Y Zheng, J Yan, ...
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Global mapping of cell type–specific open chromatin by FAIRE-seq reveals the regulatory role of the NFI family in adipocyte differentiation
H Waki, M Nakamura, T Yamauchi, K Wakabayashi, J Yu, ...
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An empirical evaluation of factors influencing camera calibration accuracy using three publicly available techniques
W Sun, JR Cooperstock
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Analysis and prediction of soil properties using local regression-kriging
W Sun, B Minasny, A McBratney
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GRF-interacting factor1 Regulates Shoot Architecture and Meristem Determinacy in Maize
D Zhang, W Sun, R Singh, Y Zheng, Z Cao, M Li, C Lunde, S Hake, ...
The Plant Cell 30 (2), 360-374, 2018
Inhibition of NADPH oxidase by apocynin prevents learning and memory deficits in a mouse Parkinson's disease model
L Hou, F Sun, R Huang, W Sun, D Zhang, Q Wang
Redox biology 22, 101134, 2019
NFIA co-localizes with PPARγ and transcriptionally controls the brown fat gene program
Y Hiraike, H Waki, J Yu, M Nakamura, K Miyake, G Nagano, R Nakaki, ...
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Convergence speed of a fractional order consensus algorithm over undirected scale‐free networks
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A probabilistic atlas of human brainstem pathways based on connectome imaging data
Y Tang, W Sun, AW Toga, JM Ringman, Y Shi
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An integrated framework for software to provide yield data cleaning and estimation of an opportunity index for site-specific crop management
W Sun, B Whelan, AB McBratney, B Minasny
Precision Agriculture 14, 376-391, 2013
Identification and characterization of Argonaute gene family and meiosis‐enriched Argonaute during sporogenesis in maize
L Zhai, W Sun, K Zhang, H Jia, L Liu, Z Liu, F Teng, Z Zhang
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Evaluating near infrared spectroscopy for field prediction of soil properties
B Minasny, AB McBratney, L Pichon, W Sun, MG Short
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Tractography reproducibility challenge with empirical data (TraCED): the 2017 ISMRM diffusion study group challenge
V Nath, KG Schilling, P Parvathaneni, Y Huo, JA Blaber, AE Hainline, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 51 (1), 234-249, 2020
Requirements for camera calibration: Must accuracy come with a high price?
W Sun, JR Cooperstock
2005 Seventh IEEE Workshops on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV/MOTION …, 2005
Lesion of the locus coeruleus damages learning and memory performance in paraquat and maneb-induced mouse Parkinson’s disease model
L Hou, F Sun, W Sun, L Zhang, Q Wang
Neuroscience 419, 129-140, 2019
Review of surface defect detection of steel products based on machine vision
B Tang, L Chen, W Sun, Z Lin
IET Image Processing 17 (2), 303-322, 2023
Microglial activation damages dopaminergic neurons through MMP-2/-9-mediated increase of blood-brain barrier permeability in a Parkinson’s disease mouse model
Z Ruan, D Zhang, R Huang, W Sun, L Hou, J Zhao, Q Wang
International journal of molecular sciences 23 (5), 2793, 2022
A probabilistic atlas of locus coeruleus pathways to transentorhinal cortex for connectome imaging in Alzheimer's disease
W Sun, Y Tang, Y Qiao, X Ge, M Mather, JM Ringman, Y Shi, ...
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DSMART: An algorithm to spatially disaggregate soil map units
NP Odgers, AB McBratney, B Minasny, W Sun, D Clifford
GlobalSoilMap: basis of the global spatial soil information system. Arrouays …, 2014
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