José Maria De Teresa
José Maria De Teresa
Research Professor of CSIC
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Evidence for magnetic polarons in the magnetoresistive perovskites
JM De Teresa, MR Ibarra, PA Algarabel, C Ritter, C Marquina, J Blasco, ...
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Role of metal-oxide interface in determining the spin polarization of magnetic tunnel junctions
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Science 286 (5439), 507-509, 1999
Spin-to-charge conversion using Rashba coupling at the interface between non-magnetic materials
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Spin-Glass Insulator State in (Tb-La) 2/3 C a 1/3 Mn O 3 Perovskite
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Ultrasmall functional ferromagnetic nanostructures grown by focused electron-beam-induced deposition
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D Serrate, JM De Teresa, J Blasco, MR Ibarra, L Morellón, C Ritter
Applied physics letters 80 (24), 4573-4575, 2002
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