Ivo Seitenzahl
Ivo Seitenzahl
UNSW Canberra
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Cytowane przez
Multi-messenger observations of a binary neutron star merger
BP Abbott
A kilonova as the electromagnetic counterpart to a gravitational-wave source
SJ Smartt, TW Chen, A Jerkstrand, M Coughlin, E Kankare, SA Sim, ...
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Science with the cherenkov telescope array
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Three-dimensional delayed-detonation models with nucleosynthesis for Type Ia supernovae
IR Seitenzahl, F Ciaraldi-Schoolmann, FK Röpke, M Fink, W Hillebrandt, ...
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Discovery of a new class of pulsating stars: gravity-mode pulsators among subdwarf B stars
EM Green, G Fontaine, MD Reed, K Callerame, IR Seitenzahl, BA White, ...
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Double-detonation sub-Chandrasekhar supernovae: synthetic observables for minimum helium shell mass models
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Three-dimensional pure deflagration models with nucleosynthesis and synthetic observables for Type Ia supernovae
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The Astrophysical journal letters 750 (1), L19, 2012
3D deflagration simulations leaving bound remnants: a model for 2002cx-like Type Ia supernovae
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Solar abundance of manganese: a case for near Chandrasekhar-mass Type Ia supernova progenitors
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Extensive HST ultraviolet spectra and multiwavelength observations of SN 2014J in M82 indicate reddening and circumstellar scattering by typical dust
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Spontaneous initiation of detonations in white dwarf environments: determination of critical sizes
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On the brightness distribution of Type Ia supernovae from violent white dwarf mergers
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Do electron-capture supernovae make neutron stars?-First multidimensional hydrodynamic simulations of the oxygen deflagration
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Synthetic light curves and spectra for three-dimensional delayed-detonation models of Type Ia supernovae
SA Sim, IR Seitenzahl, M Kromer, F Ciaraldi-Schoolmann, FK Röpke, ...
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Flame evolution during Type Ia supernovae and the deflagration phase in the gravitationally confined detonation scenario
DM Townsley, AC Calder, SM Asida, IR Seitenzahl, F Peng, ...
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Measuring nickel masses in Type Ia supernovae using cobalt emission in nebular phase spectra
MJ Childress, DJ Hillier, I Seitenzahl, M Sullivan, K Maguire, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 454 (4), 3816-3842, 2015
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