Sean T. McBeath
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Application of boron-doped diamond electrodes for the anodic oxidation of pesticide micropollutants in a water treatment process: a critical review
ST McBeath, DP Wilkinson, NJD Graham
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 5 (12), 2090-2107, 2019
In-situ determination of current density distribution and fluid modeling of an electrocoagulation process and its effects on natural organic matter removal for drinking water …
ST McBeath, A Nouri-Khorasani, M Mohseni, DP Wilkinson
Water Research 171, 115404, 2020
Simultaneous electrochemical oxidation and ferrate generation for the treatment of atrazine: A novel process for water treatment applications
ST McBeath, NJD Graham
Journal of Hazardous Materials 411, 125167, 2021
Pilot-scale iron electrocoagulation treatment for natural organic matter removal
ST McBeath, M Mohseni, DP Wilkinson
Environmental technology 41 (5), 577-585, 2020
Circumneutral electrosynthesis of ferrate oxidant: An emerging technology for small, remote and decentralised water treatment applications
ST McBeath, JT English, DP Wilkinson, NJD Graham
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 27, 100680, 2021
Exploiting water contaminants: In-situ electrochemical generation of ferrates using ambient raw water iron (Fe2+)
ST McBeath, DP Wilkinson, NJD Graham
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (4), 103834, 2020
Advanced electrochemical oxidation for the simultaneous removal of manganese and generation of permanganate oxidant
ST McBeath, DP Wilkinson, NJD Graham
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 6 (9), 2405-2415, 2020
Electrochemical degradation of PFOA and its common alternatives: Assessment of key parameters, roles of active species, and transformation pathway
FA Zeidabadi, EB Esfahani, ST McBeath, KL Dubrawski, M Mohseni
Chemosphere 315, 137743, 2023
Progress and prospect of anodic oxidation for the remediation of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances in water and wastewater using diamond electrodes
ST McBeath, AS Mora, FA Zeidabadi, BK Mayer, P McNamara, M Mohseni, ...
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 30, 100865, 2021
Coupled electrocoagulation and oxidative media filtration for the removal of manganese and arsenic from a raw ground water supply
ST McBeath, A Hajimalayeri, SY Jasim, M Mohseni
Journal of Water Process Engineering 40, 101983, 2021
Diamond electrode facilitated electrosynthesis of water and wastewater treatment oxidants
AS Mora, ST McBeath, CA Cid, MR Hoffmann, NJD Graham
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 32, 100899, 2022
Analytical quantification of aqueous permanganate: Direct and indirect spectrophotometric determination for water treatment processes
ST McBeath, DP Wilkinson, NJD Graham
Chemosphere 251, 126626, 2020
Degradation of perfluorooctane sulfonate via in situ electro-generated ferrate and permanganate oxidants in NOM-rich source waters
ST McBeath, NJD Graham
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 7 (10), 1778-1790, 2021
In-situ electrochemical generation of permanganate for the treatment of atrazine
ST McBeath, NJD Graham
Separation and Purification Technology 260, 118252, 2021
Novel synthesis pathways for highly oxidative iron species: Generation, stability, and treatment applications of ferrate (IV/V/VI)
ST McBeath, Y Zhang, MR Hoffmann
Environmental Science & Technology 57 (47), 18700-18709, 2023
Electrochemical technologies for per‐and polyfluoroalkyl substances mitigation in drinking water and water treatment residuals
DR Ryan, BK Mayer, CK Baldus, ST McBeath, Y Wang, PJ McNamara
AWWA Water Science 3 (5), e1249, 2021
Structural dependence of PFAS oxidation in a boron doped diamond-electrochemical system
FA Zeidabadi, EB Esfahani, R Moreira, ST McBeath, J Foster, M Mohseni
Environmental Research 246, 118103, 2024
Managing PFAS exhausted Ion-exchange resins through effective regeneration/electrochemical process
FA Zeidabadi, EB Esfahani, ST McBeath, M Mohseni
Water Research 255, 121529, 2024
Pilot capacity iron electrocoagulation scale-up for natural organic matter removal for drinking water treatment
ST McBeath
University of British Columbia, 2017
A mini-review on advanced reduction processes for per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances remediation: current status and future prospects
EB Esfahani, FA Zeidabadi, L Rajesh, ST McBeath, M Mohseni
Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering 44, 101018, 2024
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