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Clemens Ulrich
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Antiferromagnetic ordering of Ru and Gd in superconducting
JW Lynn, B Keimer, C Ulrich, C Bernhard, JL Tallon
Physical Review B 61 (22), R14964, 2000
Magnetic resonant mode in the single-layer high-temperature superconductor Tl2Ba2CuO6+ δ
H He, P Bourges, Y Sidis, C Ulrich, LP Regnault, S Pailhes, ...
Science 295 (5557), 1045-1047, 2002
Magnetic Neutron Scattering Study of : Evidence for an Orbital Peierls State
C Ulrich, G Khaliullin, J Sirker, M Reehuis, M Ohl, S Miyasaka, Y Tokura, ...
Physical review letters 91 (25), 257202, 2003
Magnetoresistance effects in : Dependence on phase composition and relation to magnetic and charge order
P Adler, A Lebon, V Damljanović, C Ulrich, C Bernhard, AV Boris, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 73 (9), 094451, 2006
Magnetism, Charge Order, and Giant Magnetoresistance in Single Crystals
A Lebon, P Adler, C Bernhard, AV Boris, AV Pimenov, A Maljuk, CT Lin, ...
Physical review letters 92 (3), 037202, 2004
Resonant Magnetic Excitations at High Energy in Superconducting
S Pailhes, Y Sidis, P Bourges, V Hinkov, A Ivanov, C Ulrich, LP Regnault, ...
Physical review letters 93 (16), 167001, 2004
Antiferromagnetic Ordering in Superconducting
Y Sidis, C Ulrich, P Bourges, C Bernhard, C Niedermayer, LP Regnault, ...
Physical Review Letters 86 (18), 4100, 2001
Neutron diffraction study of , , and
M Reehuis, C Ulrich, P Pattison, B Ouladdiaf, MC Rheinstädter, M Ohl, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 73 (9), 094440, 2006
Magnetic order and dynamics in an orbitally degenerate ferromagnetic insulator
C Ulrich, G Khaliullin, S Okamoto, M Reehuis, A Ivanov, H He, Y Taguchi, ...
Physical review letters 89 (16), 167202, 2002
Magnetic resonant excitations in High‐Tc superconductors
Y Sidis, S Pailhes, B Keimer, P Bourges, C Ulrich, LP Regnault
physica status solidi (b) 241 (6), 1204-1210, 2004
Long-range transfer of electron–phonon coupling in oxide superlattices
N Driza, S Blanco-Canosa, M Bakr, S Soltan, M Khalid, L Mustafa, ...
Nature materials 11 (8), 675-681, 2012
Lifetime of phonons in semiconductors under pressure
C Ulrich, E Anastassakis, K Syassen, A Debernardi, M Cardona
Physical review letters 78 (7), 1283, 1997
Crystal structure and high-field magnetism of
M Reehuis, C Ulrich, K Prokeš, A Gozar, G Blumberg, S Komiya, Y Ando, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 73 (14), 144513, 2006
Neutron diffraction study of spin and charge ordering in SrFeO
M Reehuis, C Ulrich, A Maljuk, C Niedermayer, B Ouladdiaf, A Hoser, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 85 (18), 184109, 2012
Phonon anomalies in pure and underdoped (, Sr) investigated by Raman light scattering
M Rahlenbeck, GL Sun, DL Sun, CT Lin, B Keimer, C Ulrich
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 80 (6), 064509, 2009
Raman linewidths of optical phonons in under pressure: First-principles calculations and experimental results
A Debernardi, C Ulrich, K Syassen, M Cardona
Physical Review B 59 (10), 6774, 1999
-axis lattice dynamics in Bi-based cuprate superconductors
NN Kovaleva, AV Boris, T Holden, C Ulrich, B Liang, CT Lin, B Keimer, ...
Physical Review B 69 (5), 054511, 2004
Momentum dependence of orbital excitations in Mott-insulating titanates
C Ulrich, LJP Ament, G Ghiringhelli, L Braicovich, M Moretti Sala, ...
Physical review letters 103 (10), 107205, 2009
Raman Scattering in the Mott Insulators and : Evidence for Orbital Excitations
C Ulrich, A Gössling, M Grüninger, M Guennou, H Roth, M Cwik, T Lorenz, ...
Physical review letters 97 (15), 157401, 2006
Doping Dependence of Bilayer Resonant Spin Excitations in
S Pailhès, C Ulrich, B Fauqué, V Hinkov, Y Sidis, A Ivanov, CT Lin, ...
Physical review letters 96 (25), 257001, 2006
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