Jorge P. Zubelli
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Cytowane przez
Image reconstruction of the interior of bodies that diffuse radiation
JR Singer, FA Grünbaum, P Kohn, JP Zubelli
Science 248 (4958), 990-993, 1990
Numerical solution of an inverse problem in size-structured population dynamics
M Doumic, B Perthame, JP Zubelli
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A structured population model of cell differentiation
M Doumic, A Marciniak-Czochra, B Perthame, JP Zubelli
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Differential equations in the spectral parameter, Darboux transformations and a hierarchy of master symmetries for KdV
JP Zubelli, F Magri
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On the inverse problem for a size-structured population model
B Perthame, JP Zubelli
Inverse Problems 23 (3), 1037, 2007
Imaging system and method using scattered and diffused radiation
JR Singer, FA Grunbaum, PD Kohn, JP Zubelli, JL Couch, HL Naparst, ...
US Patent 5,070,455, 1991
Diffuse tomography
FA Grunbaum, PD Kohn, GA Latham, JR Singer, JP Zubelli
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Theory and measurements of harmonic generation in semiconductor superlattices with applications in the 100 GHz to 1 THz range
MF Pereira, JP Zubelli, D Winge, A Wacker, AS Rodrigues, V Anfertev, ...
Physical Review B 96 (4), 045306, 2017
Global stability for a class of virus models with cytotoxic T lymphocyte immune response and antigenic variation
MO Souza, JP Zubelli
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On the geometry of Darboux transformations for the KP hierarchy and its connection with the discrete KP hierarchy
F Magri, M Pedroni, JP Zubelli
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Differential equations in the spectral parameter for matrix differential operators
JP Zubelli
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Tangent graeffe iteration
G Malajovich, JP Zubelli
Numerische Mathematik 89 (4), 749-782, 2001
Diffuse tomography: computational aspects of the isotropic case
FA Grunbaum, JP Zubelli
Inverse Problems 8 (3), 421, 1992
A bi-Hamiltonian theory for stationary KdV flows and their separability
G Falqui, F Magri, M Pedroni, JP Zubelli
arXiv preprint nlin/0003020, 2000
Convex regularization of local volatility models from option prices: Convergence analysis and rates
A De Cezaro, O Scherzer, JP Zubelli
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 75 (4), 2398-2415, 2012
Three-dimensional reconstruction by Chahine’s method from electron microscopic projections corrupted by instrumental aberrations
JP Zubelli, R Marabini, COS Sorzano, GT Herman
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Terahertz generation by gigahertz multiplication in superlattices
MF Pereira, VA Anfertev, JP Zubelli, VL Vaks
Journal of Nanophotonics 11 (4), 046022, 2017
Real option pricing with mean-reverting investment and project value
S Jaimungal, MO de Souza, JP Zubelli
The European Journal of Finance 19 (7-8), 625-644, 2013
On the calibration of a size-structured population model from experimental data
M Doumic, P Maia, JP Zubelli
Acta Biotheoretica 58 (4), 405-413, 2010
Rational solutions of nonlinear evolution equations, vertex operators, and bispectrality
JP Zubelli
Journal of differential equations 97 (1), 71-98, 1992
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