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The SECOQC quantum key distribution network in Vienna
M Peev, C Pacher, R Alléaume, C Barreiro, J Bouda, W Boxleitner, ...
New Journal of Physics 11 (7), 075001, 2009
Long-term performance of the SwissQuantum quantum key distribution network in a field environment
D Stucki, M Legre, F Buntschu, B Clausen, N Felber, N Gisin, L Henzen, ...
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High rate, long-distance quantum key distribution over 250 km of ultra low loss fibres
D Stucki, N Walenta, F Vannel, RT Thew, N Gisin, H Zbinden, S Gray, ...
New Journal of Physics 11 (7), 075003, 2009
Concise security bounds for practical decoy-state quantum key distribution
CCW Lim, M Curty, N Walenta, F Xu, H Zbinden
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Quantum key distribution and 1 Gbps data encryption over a single fibre
P Eraerds, N Walenta, M Legré, N Gisin, H Zbinden
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Practical private database queries based on a quantum-key-distribution protocol
M Jakobi, C Simon, N Gisin, JD Bancal, C Branciard, N Walenta, ...
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A fast and versatile quantum key distribution system with hardware key distillation and wavelength multiplexing
N Walenta, A Burg, D Caselunghe, J Constantin, N Gisin, O Guinnard, ...
New Journal of Physics 16 (1), 013047, 2014
Experimental polarization encoded quantum key distribution over optical fibres with real-time continuous birefringence compensation
GB Xavier, N Walenta, GV De Faria, GP Temporão, N Gisin, H Zbinden, ...
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Free-running InGaAs single photon detector with 1 dark count per second at 10% efficiency
B Korzh, N Walenta, T Lunghi, N Gisin, H Zbinden
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Quantum metropolitan optical network based on wavelength division multiplexing
A Ciurana, J Martínez-Mateo, M Peev, A Poppe, N Walenta, H Zbinden, ...
Optics express 22 (2), 1576-1593, 2014
2.23 GHz gating InGaAs/InP single-photon avalanche diode for quantum key distribution
J Zhang, P Eraerds, N Walenta, C Barreiro, R Thew, H Zbinden
Advanced Photon Counting Techniques IV 7681, 239-246, 2010
On the implementation of a deterministic secure coding protocol using polarization entangled photons
M Ostermeyer, N Walenta
Optics Communications 281 (17), 4540-4544, 2008
Sine gating detector with simple filtering for low-noise infra-red single photon detection at room temperature
N Walenta, T Lunghi, O Guinnard, R Houlmann, H Zbinden, N Gisin
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (6), 2012
Random variation of detector efficiency: A countermeasure against detector blinding attacks for quantum key distribution
CCW Lim, N Walenta, M Legré, N Gisin, H Zbinden
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Quantum Safe Cryptography and Security: An introduction, benefits, enablers and challenges
M Campagna, L Chen, O Dagdelen, J Ding, J Fernick, N Gisin, D Hayford, ...
European Telecommunications Standards Institute 8, 1-64, 2015
A high-speed multi-protocol quantum key distribution transmitter based on a dual-drive modulator
B Korzh, N Walenta, R Houlmann, H Zbinden
Optics express 21 (17), 19579-19592, 2013
An FPGA-based 4 Mbps secret key distillation engine for quantum key distribution systems
J Constantin, R Houlmann, N Preyss, N Walenta, H Zbinden, P Junod, ...
Journal of Signal Processing Systems 86, 1-15, 2017
Apparatus and method for distributing a string of secret bits over a quantum channel
H Zbinden, N Walenta, CCW Lim
US Patent App. 13/182,311, 2013
Practical aspects of security certification for commercial quantum technologies
N Walenta, M Soucarros, D Stucki, D Caselunghe, M Domergue, ...
Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications XII; and …, 2015
Method of operation of a trusted node software in a quantum key distribution system
E Hay, N Walenta, DT Hayford
US Patent 11,424,918, 2022
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