Carlos Díaz-Guerra Viejo (ORCID 0000-0002-8151-6302)
Carlos Díaz-Guerra Viejo (ORCID 0000-0002-8151-6302)
Profesor Titular Facultad de Físicas, Depto. Física de Materiales, UCM
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Formation of β-Bi2O3 and δ-Bi2O3 during laser irradiation of Bi films studied in-situ by spatially resolved Raman spectroscopy
C Díaz-Guerra, P Almodóvar, M Camacho-López, S Camacho-López, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 723, 520-526, 2017
Luminescence and Raman study of α-Bi2O3 ceramics
M Vila, C Díaz-Guerra, J Piqueras
Materials Chemistry and Physics 133 (1), 559-564, 2012
Optical and magnetic properties of CuO nanowires grown by thermal oxidation
M Vila, C Diaz-Guerra, J Piqueras
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Cathodoluminescence and photoluminescence spectroscopy of NiO
C Díaz‐Guerra, A Remón, JA Garcia, J Piqueras
physica status solidi (a) 163 (2), 497-503, 1997
Exchange bias in single-crystalline CuO nanowires
C Díaz-Guerra, M Vila, J Piqueras
Applied Physics Letters 96 (19), 2010
α-Bi2O3 microcrystals and microrods: thermal synthesis, structural and luminescence properties
M Vila, C Díaz-Guerra, J Piqueras
Journal of alloys and compounds 548, 188-193, 2013
Thermal Deposition Growth and Luminescence Properties of Single-Crystalline V2O5 Elongated Nanostructures
C Díaz-Guerra, J Piqueras
Crystal Growth and Design 8 (3), 1031-1034, 2008
Laser irradiation-induced α to δ phase transformation in Bi2O3 ceramics and nanowires
M Vila, C Díaz-Guerra, J Piqueras
Applied Physics Letters 101 (7), 2012
Structural and luminescence properties of Eu and Er implanted Bi 2 O 3 nanowires for optoelectronic applications
M Vila, C Diaz-Guerra, K Lorenz, J Piqueras, E Alves, S Nappini, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (47), 7920-7929, 2013
Growth of Ga (1− x) InxSb alloys by Vertical Bridgman technique under alternating magnetic field
A Mitric, T Duffar, C Diaz-Guerra, V Corregidor, LC Alves, C Garnier, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 287 (2), 224-229, 2006
Structural and cathodoluminescence study of mechanically milled silicon
C Diaz-Guerra, A Montone, J Piqueras, F Cardellini
Semiconductor Science and Technology 17 (1), 77, 2001
Structural, magnetic and luminescent characteristics of Pr3+-doped ZrO2 powders synthesized by a sol–gel method
J Isasi-Marín, M Pérez-Estébanez, C Díaz-Guerra, JF Castillo, ...
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Intense luminescence emission from rare-earth-doped MoO3 nanoplates and lamellar crystals for optoelectronic applications
M Vila, C Díaz-Guerra, D Jerez, K Lorenz, J Piqueras, E Alves
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Magnetic transitions in α-Fe2O3 nanowires
C Díaz-Guerra, L Pérez, J Piqueras, MF Chioncel
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (10), 2009
Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical assessment of hexagonal molybdenum trioxide (h-MoO3) micro-composites with graphite, graphene and graphene oxide for lithium ion …
P Almodóvar, ML López, J Ramírez-Castellanos, S Nappini, E Magnano, ...
Electrochimica Acta 365, 137355, 2021
Influence of chromium content on the optical and electrical properties of Li1+ xCrxTi2− x (PO4) 3
M Pérez-Estébanez, J Isasi-Marín, C Díaz-Guerra, A Rivera-Calzada, ...
Solid State Ionics 241, 36-45, 2013
Assessing oxygen vacancies in bismuth oxide through EELS measurements and DFT simulations
P Torruella, C Coll, G Martin, L Lopez-Conesa, M Vila, C Diaz-Guerra, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (44), 24809-24815, 2017
Structural and cathodoluminescence assessment of V2O5 nanowires and nanotips grown by thermal deposition
C Díaz-Guerra, J Piqueras
Journal of Applied Physics 102 (8), 2007
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy study of silicon and platinum assemblies in an opal matrix
C Díaz-Guerra, J Piqueras
Applied Physics Letters 77 (20), 3194, 2000
Shape-controlled synthesis and cathodoluminescence properties of elongated α-Fe2O3 nanostructures
MF Chioncel, C Díaz-Guerra, J Piqueras
Journal of Applied Physics 104 (12), 2008
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