Xavier Waintal
Xavier Waintal
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Cytowane przez
Kwant: a software package for quantum transport
CW Groth, M Wimmer, AR Akhmerov, X Waintal
New Journal of Physics 16 (6), 063065, 2014
Role of spin-dependent interface scattering in generating current-induced torques in magnetic multilayers
X Waintal, EB Myers, PW Brouwer, DC Ralph
Physical Review B 62 (18), 12317, 2000
Proximity Effects Induced in Graphene by Magnetic Insulators: First-Principles Calculations<? format?> on Spin Filtering and Exchange-Splitting Gaps
HX Yang, A Hallal, D Terrade, X Waintal, S Roche, M Chshiev
Physical review letters 110 (4), 046603, 2013
What limits the simulation of quantum computers?
Y Zhou, EM Stoudenmire, X Waintal
Physical Review X 10 (4), 041038, 2020
Graphene spintronics: the European Flagship perspective
S Roche, J Åkerman, B Beschoten, JC Charlier, M Chshiev, SP Dash, ...
2D Materials 2 (3), 030202, 2015
Coherent control of single electrons: a review of current progress
C Bäuerle, DC Glattli, T Meunier, F Portier, P Roche, P Roulleau, ...
Reports on Progress in Physics 81 (5), 056503, 2018
Fano resonances as a probe of phase coherence in quantum dots
AA Clerk, X Waintal, PW Brouwer
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Current-induced distortion of a magnetic domain wall
X Waintal, M Viret
Europhysics Letters 65 (3), 427, 2004
Numerical simulations of time-resolved quantum electronics
B Gaury, J Weston, M Santin, M Houzet, C Groth, X Waintal
Physics Reports 534 (1), 1-37, 2014
Knitting algorithm for calculating Green functions in quantum systems
K Kazymyrenko, X Waintal
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 77 (11), 115119, 2008
Magnetic exchange interaction induced by a Josephson current
X Waintal, PW Brouwer
Physical Review B 65 (5), 054407, 2002
New quantum phase between the Fermi glass and the Wigner crystal in two dimensions
G Benenti, X Waintal, JL Pichard
Physical review letters 83 (9), 1826, 1999
Spin Hall effect and origins of nonlocal resistance in adatom-decorated graphene
D Van Tuan, JM Marmolejo-Tejada, X Waintal, BK Nikolić, SO Valenzuela, ...
Physical review letters 117 (17), 176602, 2016
Quantum Monte Carlo for correlated out-of-equilibrium nanoelectronic devices
REV Profumo, C Groth, L Messio, O Parcollet, X Waintal
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Inducing and optimizing magnetism in graphene nanomeshes
HX Yang, M Chshiev, DW Boukhvalov, X Waintal, S Roche
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Unified Drift-Diffusion Theory for Transverse Spin Currents in Spin Valves,<? format?> Domain Walls, and Other Textured Magnets
C Petitjean, D Luc, X Waintal
Physical review letters 109 (11), 117204, 2012
Sound-driven single-electron transfer in a circuit of coupled quantum rails
S Takada, H Edlbauer, HV Lepage, J Wang, PA Mortemousque, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 4557, 2019
Fluctuating Spin -Tensor in Small Metal Grains
PW Brouwer, X Waintal, BI Halperin
Physical Review Letters 85 (2), 369, 2000
Josephson junctions as detectors for non‐Gaussian noise*
B Huard, H Pothier, NO Birge, D Esteve, X Waintal, J Ankerhold
Annalen der Physik 519 (10-11), 736-750, 2007
Reconstructing nonequilibrium regimes of quantum many-body systems from the analytical structure of perturbative expansions
C Bertrand, S Florens, O Parcollet, X Waintal
Physical Review X 9 (4), 041008, 2019
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