Omar E. Olarte
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Cytowane przez
Light-sheet microscopy: a tutorial
OE Olarte, J Andilla, EJ Gualda, P Loza-Alvarez
Advances in Optics and Photonics 10 (1), 111-179, 2018
Measurement and correction of in vivo sample aberrations employing a nonlinear guide-star in two-photon excited fluorescence microscopy
R Aviles-Espinosa, J Andilla, R Porcar-Guezenec, OE Olarte, M Nieto, ...
Biomedical optics express 2 (11), 3135-3149, 2011
Image formation by linear and nonlinear digital scanned light-sheet fluorescence microscopy with Gaussian and Bessel beam profiles
OE Olarte, J Licea-Rodriguez, JA Palero, EJ Gualda, D Artigas, J Mayer, ...
Biomedical optics express 3 (7), 1492-1505, 2012
Decoupled illumination detection in light sheet microscopy for fast volumetric imaging
OE Olarte, J Andilla, D Artigas, P Loza-Alvarez
Optica 2 (8), 702-705, 2015
Imaging tissue-mimic with light sheet microscopy: A comparative guideline
J Andilla, R Jorand, OE Olarte, AC Dufour, M Cazales, YLE Montagner, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 44939, 2017
A transcriptome-proteome integrated network identifies endoplasmic reticulum thiol oxidoreductase (ERp57) as a hub that mediates bone metastasis
N Santana-Codina, R Carretero, R Sanz-Pamplona, T Cabrera, E Guney, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 12 (8), 2111-2125, 2013
Multiphoton imaging with blue-diode-pumped SESAM-modelocked Ti: sapphire oscillator generating 5 nJ 82 fs pulses
A Rohrbacher, OE Olarte, V Villamaina, P Loza-Alvarez, B Resan
Optics Express 25 (9), 10677-10684, 2017
Rapid spontaneous Raman light sheet microscopy using cw-lasers and tunable filters
I Rocha-Mendoza, J Licea-Rodriguez, M Marro, OE Olarte, ...
Biomedical optics express 6 (9), 3449-3461, 2015
A morphological based method to calculate the centroid spots of Hartmann patterns
OE Olarte, Y Mejía
Optics communications 260 (1), 87-90, 2006
Development of two-photon polymerised scaffolds for optical interrogation and neurite guidance of human iPSC-derived cortical neuronal networks
JA Crowe, A El-Tamer, D Nagel, AV Koroleva, J Madrid-Wolff, OE Olarte, ...
Lab on a Chip 20 (10), 1792-1806, 2020
Spontaneous functional recovery after focal damage in neuronal cultures
S Teller, E Estévez-Priego, C Granell, D Tornero, J Andilla, OE Olarte, ...
Eneuro 7 (1), 2020
Enhanced light sheet elastic scattering microscopy by using a supercontinuum laser
D Di Battista, D Merino, G Zacharakis, P Loza-Alvarez, OE Olarte
Methods and Protocols 2 (3), 57, 2019
Femtosecond laser axotomy in Caenorhabditis elegans and collateral damage assessment using a combination of linear and nonlinear imaging techniques
SICO Santos, M Mathew, OE Olarte, S Psilodimitrakopoulos, ...
PLoS One 8 (3), e58600, 2013
Use of a supercontinuum laser source with low temporal coherence for elastic scattering light sheet microscopy
D Merino, O Olarte, JL Cruz, A Díez, YO Barmenkov, MV Andrés, ...
The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CL_P_7, 2015
Practical optical quality assessment and correction of a nonlinear microscope
R Aviles-Espinosa, J Andilla, R Porcar-Guezenec, O Olarte, SICO Santos, ...
Three-Dimensional and Multidimensional Microscopy: Image Acquisition and …, 2010
Light sheet fluorescence microscopy for 3D imaging of Ca2+ dynamics in neuronal cultures
P Loza-Alvarez, G Castro-Olvera, JA Madrid-Wolff, OE Olarte, EJ Gualda, ...
Emerging Topics in Artificial Intelligence (ETAI) 2021 11804, 118040L, 2021
Light sheet microscopy for fast functional imaging of 3D neuronal cultures in hydrogels
G Castro-Olvera, J Madrid-Wolff, OE Olarte, E Estévez-Priego, AA Ludl, ...
Emerging Topics in Artificial Intelligence 2020 11469, 114690C, 2020
Session VII. Adaptive Optics and microscopy.-Effective and robust implementation strategies for adaptive optics in sectioning microscopy
J Andilla, R Porcar, R Aviles-Espinoza, O Olarte, X Levecq
8th International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine, 2020
Experimental investigation of active Brownian dynamics in 3D optical potentials using light-sheet microscopy
J Soni, OE Olarte, P Loza-Alvarez, G Volpe
Optical Manipulation and Its Applications, AM4E. 2, 2019
Multiphoton imaging with blue-diode-pumped SESAM-modelocked Ti: Sapphire oscillator
B Resan, A Rohrbacher, V Villamaina, M Cunquero, J Licea-Rodriguez, ...
CLEO: Science and Innovations, STu1I. 4, 2017
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