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Soil legacy data rescue via GlobalSoilMap and other international and national initiatives
D Arrouays, JGB Leenaars, AC Richer-de-Forges, K Adhikari, C Ballabio, ...
GeoResJ 14, 1-19, 2017
Towards more systematic perceptual model development: a case study using 3 Luxembourgish catchments
S Wrede, F Fenicia, N Martínez‐Carreras, J Juilleret, C Hissler, A Krein, ...
Hydrological processes 29 (12), 2731-2750, 2015
Humusica 1, article 5: Terrestrial humus systems and forms—Keys of classification of humus systems and forms
A Zanella, JF Ponge, B Jabiol, G Sartori, E Kolb, RC Le Bayon, JM Gobat, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 122, 75-86, 2018
Mind the gap: a classification system for integrating the subsolum into soil surveys
J Juilleret, S Dondeyne, K Vancampenhout, J Deckers, C Hissler
Geoderma 264, 332-339, 2016
Remarkable Pleistocene periglacial slope deposits in Luxembourg (Oesling): pedological implication and geosite potential
J Juilleret, JF Iffly, L Pfister, C Hissler
Bulletin de la Société des naturalistes luxembourgeois 112, 125-130, 2011
Storage controls on the generation of double peak hydrographs in a forested headwater catchment
N Martínez-Carreras, C Hissler, L Gourdol, J Klaus, J Juilleret, JF Iffly, ...
Journal of Hydrology 543, 255-269, 2016
Humusica 1, article 4: Terrestrial humus systems and forms—Specific terms and diagnostic horizons
A Zanella, JF Ponge, B Jabiol, G Sartori, E Kolb, JM Gobat, RC Le Bayon, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 122, 56-74, 2018
Humusica 1, article 1: Essential bases–Vocabulary
A Zanella, JF Ponge, JM Gobat, J Juilleret, M Blouin, M Aubert, O Chertov, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 122, 10-21, 2018
Genesis and evolution of regoliths: Evidence from trace and major elements and Sr-Nd-Pb-U isotopes
C Moragues-Quiroga, J Juilleret, L Gourdol, E Pelt, T Perrone, A Aubert, ...
Catena 149, 185-198, 2017
The Surales, Self-Organized Earth-Mound Landscapes Made by Earthworms in a Seasonal Tropical Wetland
A Zangerlé, D Renard, J Iriarte, LE Suarez Jimenez, KL Adame Montoya, ...
PLoS One 11 (5), e0154269, 2016
The colluvium and alluvium problem: Historical review and current state of definitions
BA Miller, J Juilleret
Earth-Science Reviews 209, 103316, 2020
The potential of soil survey as a tool for surface geological mapping: a case study in a hydrological experimental catchment (Huewelerbach, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg)
J Juilleret, JF IFFLY, L Hoffmann, C Hissler
Geologica Belgica, 2012
Hillslope response to sprinkling and natural rainfall using velocity and celerity estimates in a slate-bedrock catchment
A Scaini, C Hissler, F Fenicia, J Juilleret, JF Iffly, L Pfister, K Beven
Journal of Hydrology 558, 366-379, 2018
Porosity and genesis of clay in gneiss saprolites: The relevance of saprolithology to whole regolith pedology
JCB dos Santos, E Le Pera, VS de Souza Júnior, CS de Oliveira, ...
Geoderma 319, 1-13, 2018
Soil legacy data rescue via GlobalSoilMap and other international and national initiatives, GeoResJ, 14, 1–19
D Arrouays, JGB Leenaars, AC Richer-de-Forges, K Adhikari, C Ballabio, ...
Go to original source, 2017
Humusica 2, article 13: Para humus systems and forms
A Zanella, JF Ponge, I Fritz, N Pietrasiak, M Matteodo, M Nadporozhskaya, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 122, 181-199, 2018
Elucidating the formation of terra fuscas using Sr–Nd–Pb isotopes and rare earth elements
C Hissler, P Stille, J Juilleret, JF Iffly, T Perrone, G Morvan
Applied Geochemistry 54, 85-99, 2015
Regional runoff prediction through aggregation of first-order hydrological process knowledge: a case study
R van den Bos, L Hoffmann, J Juilleret, P Matgen, L Pfister
Hydrological sciences journal 51 (6), 1021-1038, 2006
The Weierbach experimental catchment in Luxembourg: A decade of critical zone monitoring in a temperate forest‐from hydrological investigations to ecohydrological perspectives
C Hissler, N Martínez‐Carreras, F Barnich, L Gourdol, JF Iffly, J Juilleret, ...
Hydrological Processes 35 (5), e14140, 2021
Large-scale ERT surveys for investigating shallow regolith properties and architecture
L Gourdol, R Clément, J Juilleret, L Pfister, C Hissler
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 2018, 1-39, 2018
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