Anna Stefaniak
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The trouble with trust: Time-series analysis of social capital, income inequality, and COVID-19 deaths in 84 countries
FJ Elgar, A Stefaniak, MJA Wohl
Social Science & Medicine 263, 113365, 2020
National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic
JJ Van Bavel, A Cichocka, V Capraro, H Sjåstad, JB Nezlek, M Alfano, ...
PsyArXiv, 2020
The merits of teaching local history: Increased place attachment enhances civic engagement and social trust
A Stefaniak, M Bilewicz, M Lewicka
Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2017
Too great to act in solidarity: The negative relationship between collective narcissism and solidarity‐based collective action
P Górska, A Stefaniak, K Malinowska, K Lipowska, M Marchlewska, ...
European Journal of Social Psychology, 2019
Can a victim be responsible? Anti-Semitic consequences of victimhood-based identity and competitive victimhood in Poland1
M Bilewicz, A Stefaniak
Responsibility: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective, 69, 2013
The lay historian explains intergroup behavior: Examining the role of identification and cognitive structuring in ethnocentric historical attributions
M Bilewicz, M Witkowska, A Stefaniak, R Imhoff
Memory Studies 10 (3), 310-322, 2017
Zero‐sum beliefs shape advantaged allies’ support for collective action
A Stefaniak, RK Mallett, MJA Wohl
European Journal of Social Psychology, 2020
Social and moral psychology of COVID-19 across 69 countries
F Azevedo, T Pavlović, GG Rêgo, FC Ay, B Gjoneska, TW Etienne, ...
Scientific Data 10 (1), 272, 2023
Contact with a multicultural past: A prejudice-reducing intervention
A Stefaniak, M Bilewicz
International Journal of Intercultural Relations 50, 60-65, 2016
Longing is in the memory of the beholder: Collective nostalgia content determines the method members will support to make their group great again
MJA Wohl, A Stefaniak, A Smeekes
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 91, 104044, 2020
Postrzeganie muzułmanów w Polsce: Raport z badania sondażowego
A Stefaniak
Warszawa: Centrum Badań nad Uprzedzeniami, 2015
Predicting attitudinal and behavioral responses to COVID-19 pandemic using machine learning
T Pavlović, F Azevedo, K De, JC Riaño-Moreno, M Maglić, T Gkinopoulos, ...
PNAS nexus 1 (3), pgac093, 2022
Different pasts for different political folk: Political orientation predicts collective nostalgia content
A Stefaniak, MJA Wohl, C Sedikides, A Smeekes, T Wildschut
Frontiers in Political Science 3, 633688, 2021
Uprzedzenia w Polsce
A Stefaniak, M Bilewicz, M Winiewski
Wydawnictwo Liberi Libri, 2015
Refugees unwelcome: Narcissistic and secure national commitment differentially predict collective action against immigrants and refugees
P Górska, A Stefaniak, M Marchlewska, J Matera, P Kocyba, M Łukianow, ...
International Journal of Intercultural Relations 86, 258-271, 2022
Authoritarians go with the flow: Social norms moderate the link between right-wing authoritarianism and outgroup-directed attitudes
P Górska, A Stefaniak, K Lipowska, K Malinowska, M Skrodzka, ...
Political Psychology, 2021
Days of Future Past: Concerns for the Group’s Future Prompt Longing for Its Past (and Ways to Reclaim It)
MJA Wohl, A Stefaniak, A Smeekes
Current Directions in Psychological Science 29 (5), 481-486, 2020
Społeczne kontakty Polaków, czyli czy znamy ludzi innych niż my sami i czy chcemy ich poznawać?
A Stefaniak, M Witkowska
W: A. Stefaniak, M. Bilewicz i M. Winiewski (red.), Uprzedzenia w Polsce …, 2015
Collective nostalgia and the desire to make one’s group great again
MJA Wohl, A Stefaniak
Applications of Social Psychology: How Social Psychology Can Contribute to …, 2020
Uprzedzenia w Polsce 2017. Oblicza przemocy międzygrupowej
A Stefaniak, M Winiewski
Wydawnictwo Liberi Libri, 2018
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