Rainer Hedrich
Rainer Hedrich
Chair Plant Molecular Biology and Biophysics, University of Würzburg
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Cytowane przez
Activity of guard cell anion channel SLAC1 is controlled by drought-stress signaling kinase-phosphatase pair
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Identification of a novel, multifunctional β-defensin (human β-defensin 3) with specific antimicrobial activity: its interaction with plasma membranes of Xenopus oocytes and …
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R Hedrich, JI Schroeder
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proovread : large-scale high-accuracy PacBio correction through iterative short read consensus
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Ion channels in plants
R Hedrich
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An RLP23–SOBIR1–BAK1 complex mediates NLP-triggered immunity
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Planta 186 (1), 143-153, 1991
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