Jean-Philippe Brantut
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Conduction of ultracold fermions through a mesoscopic channel
JP Brantut, J Meineke, D Stadler, S Krinner, T Esslinger
Science 337 (6098), 1069-1071, 2012
A thermoelectric heat engine with ultracold atoms
JP Brantut, C Grenier, J Meineke, D Stadler, S Krinner, C Kollath, ...
Science 342 (6159), 713-715, 2013
Observation of quantized conductance in neutral matter
S Krinner, D Stadler, D Husmann, JP Brantut, T Esslinger
Nature 517 (7532), 64-67, 2015
Polariton quantum boxes in semiconductor microcavities
O El Daïf, A Baas, T Guillet, JP Brantut, RI Kaitouni, JL Staehli, ...
Applied Physics Letters 88 (6), 2006
Two-terminal transport measurements with cold atoms
S Krinner, T Esslinger, JP Brantut
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29 (34), 343003, 2017
All-optical runaway evaporation to Bose-Einstein condensation
JF Clément, JP Brantut, M Robert-De-Saint-Vincent, RA Nyman, A Aspect, ...
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 79 (6), 061406, 2009
Roadmap on Atomtronics: State of the art and perspective
L Amico, M Boshier, G Birkl, A Minguzzi, C Miniatura, LC Kwek, ...
AVS Quantum Science 3 (3), 2021
Connecting strongly correlated superfluids by a quantum point contact
D Husmann, S Uchino, S Krinner, M Lebrat, T Giamarchi, T Esslinger, ...
Science 350 (6267), 1498-1501, 2015
Observing the drop of resistance in the flow of a superfluid Fermi gas
D Stadler, S Krinner, J Meineke, JP Brantut, T Esslinger
Nature 491 (7426), 736-739, 2012
Local observation of antibunching in a trapped Fermi gas
T Müller, B Zimmermann, J Meineke, JP Brantut, T Esslinger, H Moritz
Physical review letters 105 (4), 040401, 2010
Anisotropic 2D diffusive expansion of ultracold atoms in a disordered potential
M Robert-De-Saint-Vincent, JP Brantut, B Allard, T Plisson, L Pezzé, ...
Physical Review Letters 104 (22), 220602, 2010
Band and correlated insulators of cold fermions in a mesoscopic lattice
M Lebrat, P Grišins, D Husmann, S Häusler, L Corman, T Giamarchi, ...
Physical Review X 8 (1), 011053, 2018
Superfluidity with disorder in a thin film of quantum gas
S Krinner, D Stadler, J Meineke, JP Brantut, T Esslinger
Physical review letters 110 (10), 100601, 2013
Mapping out spin and particle conductances in a quantum point contact
S Krinner, M Lebrat, D Husmann, C Grenier, JP Brantut, T Esslinger
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (29), 8144-8149, 2016
Colloquium: Atomtronic circuits: From many-body physics to quantum technologies
L Amico, D Anderson, M Boshier, JP Brantut, LC Kwek, A Minguzzi, ...
Reviews of Modern Physics 94 (4), 041001, 2022
Breakdown of the Wiedemann–Franz law in a unitary Fermi gas
D Husmann, M Lebrat, S Häusler, JP Brantut, L Corman, T Esslinger
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (34), 8563-8568, 2018
Light-shift tomography in an optical-dipole trap for neutral atoms
JP Brantut, JF Clément, MR de Saint Vincent, G Varoquaux, RA Nyman, ...
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 78 (3), 031401, 2008
Regimes of classical transport of cold gases in a two-dimensional anisotropic disorder
L Pezzé, M Robert-De-Saint-Vincent, T Bourdel, JP Brantut, B Allard, ...
New Journal of Physics 13 (9), 095015, 2011
Scanning gate microscope for cold atomic gases
S Häusler, S Nakajima, M Lebrat, D Husmann, S Krinner, T Esslinger, ...
Physical review letters 119 (3), 030403, 2017
Interferometric measurement of local spin fluctuations in a quantum gas
J Meineke, JP Brantut, D Stadler, T Müller, H Moritz, T Esslinger
Nature Physics 8 (6), 454-458, 2012
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