Haozhu Wang
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Cytowane przez
Single-photon imager based on a superconducting nanowire delay line
QY Zhao, D Zhu, N Calandri, AE Dane, AN McCaughan, F Bellei, ...
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Learning credible models
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T Ma, M Tobah, H Wang, LJ Guo
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An analytical method for evaluating the robustness of photonic integrated circuits
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Investigation of femtosecond-laser induced periodic surface structure on molybdenum
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COVID-19 Risk Scoring in Los Angeles County
UZJU Team, L Zhou, W Li, Z Bian, Y Cao, X Li, W Wang, Z Ma, J Kim, ...
Environmentally Sustainable and Multifunctional Chrome-like Coatings Having No Chromium Designed with Reinforcement Learning
A Saha, T Ma, H Wang, LJ Guo
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2023
OL-Transformer: A Fast and Universal Surrogate Simulator for Optical Multilayer Thin Film Structures
T Ma, H Wang, LJ Guo
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OptoGPT: A Foundation Model for Inverse Design in Optical Multilayer Thin Film Structures
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Hybrid Machine Learning and Optimization Methods for Optical Coating Designs
H Wang, LJ Guo
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Method for designing multi-layer optical structure and electronic device for performing the same
H Wang, C Ji, LJ Guo
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Learning to Optimize: Applications in Physical Designs and Manufacturing
H Wang
Drift-Aware Predictive Coding for Adaptation in Changing Environments
H Wang, Z Bian, R Guo, A Liang, M Yang
Return to Work After Injury: A Sequential Prediction & Decision Problem
JW Erkin Ötleş , Haozhu Wang , Suyanpeng Zhang , Brian Denton , Jon Seymour
Machine Learning for Healthcare (clinical abstract), 2019
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