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Klara Wolf
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Differing mechanisms of new particle formation at two Arctic sites
LJ Beck, N Sarnela, H Junninen, CJM Hoppe, O Garmash, F Bianchi, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 48 (4), e2020GL091334, 2021
Compensation of ocean acidification effects in Arctic phytoplankton assemblages
CJM Hoppe, KKE Wolf, N Schuback, PD Tortell, B Rost
Nature Climate Change 8 (6), 529-533, 2018
Resilience by diversity: Large intraspecific differences in climate change responses of an Arctic diatom
KKE Wolf, CJM Hoppe, B Rost
Limnology and Oceanography, 2017
Company matters: The presence of other genotypes alters traits and intraspecific selection in an Arctic diatom under climate change
KKE Wolf, E Romanelli, B Rost, U John, S Collins, H Weigand, ...
Global change biology 25 (9), 2869-2884, 2019
Airborne bacteria and particulate chemistry capture Phytoplankton bloom dynamics in an Arctic fjord
M Feltracco, E Barbaro, CJM Hoppe, KKE Wolf, A Spolaor, R Layton, ...
Atmospheric Environment 256, 118458, 2021
Revealing environmentally driven population dynamics of an Arctic diatom using a novel microsatellite PoolSeq barcoding approach
KKE Wolf, CJM Hoppe, F Leese, M Weiss, B Rost, S Neuhaus, T Gross, ...
Environmental microbiology 23 (7), 3809-3824, 2021
Seasonal plankton dynamics in Kongsfjorden during two years of contrasting environmental conditions
P Assmy, AC Kvernvik, H Hop, CJM Hoppe, M Chierici, P Duarte, ...
Progress in Oceanography 213, 102996, 2023
Winners and losers of Atlantification: the degree of ocean warming affects the structure of Arctic microbial communities
A Ahme, A Von Jackowski, RA McPherson, KKE Wolf, M Hoppmann, ...
Genes 14 (3), 623, 2023
Pelagic and ice‐associated microalgae under elevated light and pCO2: Contrasting physiological strategies in two Arctic diatoms
KKE Wolf, SD Rokitta, CJM Hoppe, B Rost
Limnology and Oceanography 67 (9), 1895-1910, 2022
Adaptive potential of the Arctic diatom Thalassiosira hyalina to climate Change: intraspecific diversity, plasticity and population dynamics
K Wolf
University of Bremen, 2019
Heatwave responses of Arctic phytoplankton communities are driven by combined impacts of warming and cooling
KKE Wolf, CJM Hoppe, L Rehder, E Schaum, U John, B Rost
Science Advances 10 (20), eadl5904, 2024
Multiannual patterns of genetic structure and mating type ratios highlight the complex bloom dynamics of a marine planktonic diatom
MV Ruggiero, M Buffoli, KKE Wolf, D D’Alelio, V Di Tuccio, E Lombardi, ...
Scientific Reports 14 (1), 6028, 2024
Underestimated Arctic warming and potential ecosystem impact due to unresolved marine heatwaves
R Gou, Y Deng, K Wolf, Y Cui, C Hoppe, L Wu, Q Shu, G Lohmann
EGU24, 2024
The hidden flows within species: Phytoplankton population dynamics in Arctic assemblages
KKE Wolf, C Hoppe, B Rost, E Schaum, U John
Resilience and adaptive mechanisms of Arctic phytoplankton under heatwaves: Acclimation, microevolution and community resilience
KKE Wolf, C Hoppe, B Rost, E Schaum, U John
Adaptive mechanisms of phytoplankton in a changing Arctic: Acclimation, microevolution and ecological shifts under heatwaves
K Wolf, C Hoppe, E Schaum, U John, B Rost
Complementary studies assessing phytoplankton responses to climate change–from single organisms to community dynamics
A Ahme, C Hoppe, K Wolf, J Giesler, M Jacob, T Harder, S Rokitta, ...
Resilience and adaptive mechanisms of Arctic phytoplankton populations under marine heatwaves
K Wolf, C Hoppe, F Leese, B Rost, U John
Adaptive mechanisms of phytoplankton in a changing Arctic: The hidden dynamics of intraspecific selection
K Wolf, C Hoppe, F Leese, B Rost, U John
Mixed layer depth and its control on spring bloom dynamics in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard
C Hoppe, K Wolf, F Cottier, E Leu, M Maturilli, B Rost
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