Gareth Difford
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Host genetics and the rumen microbiome jointly associate with methane emissions in dairy cows
GF Difford, DR Plichta, P Løvendahl, J Lassen, SJ Noel, O Højberg, ...
PLoS genetics 14 (10), e1007580, 2018
Selecting for improved feed efficiency and reduced methane emissions in dairy cattle
P Løvendahl, GF Difford, B Li, MGG Chagunda, P Huhtanen, MH Lidauer, ...
Animal 12 (s2), s336-s349, 2018
Comparison of methods to measure methane for use in genetic evaluation of dairy cattle
PC Garnsworthy, GF Difford, MJ Bell, AR Bayat, P Huhtanen, B Kuhla, ...
Animals 9 (10), 837, 2019
Breeding for reduced methane emission and feed-efficient Holstein cows: An international response
CIV Manzanilla-Pech, DM Gordo, GF Difford, JE Pryce, F Schenkel, ...
Journal of Dairy Science 104 (8), 8983-9001, 2021
Bayesian modeling reveals host genetics associated with rumen microbiota jointly influence methane emission in dairy cows
Q Zhang, G Difford, G Sahana, P Løvendahl, J Lassen, MS Lund, ...
The ISME journal 14 (8), 2019-2033, 2020
Changes in rumen bacterial and archaeal communities over the transition period in primiparous Holstein dairy cows
Z Zhu, L Kristensen, GF Difford, M Poulsen, SJ Noel, WA Al-Soud, ...
Journal of dairy science 101 (11), 9847-9862, 2018
Predicting methane emissions of lactating Danish Holstein cows using Fourier transform mid-infrared spectroscopy of milk
N Shetty, G Difford, J Lassen, P Løvendahl, AJ Buitenhuis
Journal of dairy science 100 (11), 9052-9060, 2017
Impact of the rumen microbiome on milk fatty acid composition of Holstein cattle
B Buitenhuis, J Lassen, SJ Noel, DR Plichta, P Sørensen, GF Difford, ...
Genetics Selection Evolution 51 (1), 1-8, 2019
Community structure of the metabolically active rumen bacterial and archaeal communities of dairy cows over the transition period
Z Zhu, SJ Noel, GF Difford, WA Al-Soud, A Brejnrod, SJ Sørensen, ...
PLoS One 12 (11), e0187858, 2017
Genetic and genomic selection as a methane mitigation strategy in dairy cattle
J Lassen, GF Difford
Animal 14, s473-s483, 2020
Comparison of a laser methane detector with the GreenFeed and two breath analysers for on-farm measurements of methane emissions from dairy cows
D Sorg, GF Difford, S Mühlbach, B Kuhla, HH Swalve, J Lassen, T Strabel, ...
Computers and electronics in agriculture 153, 285-294, 2018
Interchangeability between methane measurements in dairy cows assessed by comparing precision and agreement of two non-invasive infrared methods
GF Difford, J Lassen, P Løvendahl
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 124, 220-226, 2016
Can greenhouse gases in breath be used to genetically improve feed efficiency of dairy cows?
GF Difford, P Løvendahl, RF Veerkamp, H Bovenhuis, M Visker, J Lassen, ...
Journal of dairy science 103 (3), 2442-2459, 2020
Ranking cows’ methane emissions under commercial conditions with sniffers versus respiration chambers
GF Difford, DW Olijhoek, ALF Hellwing, P Lund, MA Bjerring, Y De Haas, ...
Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A—Animal Science 68 (1), 25-32, 2018
Genes and microbes, the next step in dairy cattle breeding
G Difford, J Lassen, P Løvendahl
Book of Abstracts of the 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of …, 2016
Predictive ability of host genetics and rumen microbiome for subclinical ketosis
G Gebreyesus, GF Difford, B Buitenhuis, J Lassen, SJ Noel, O Højberg, ...
Journal of dairy science 103 (5), 4557-4569, 2020
Multitrait genomic prediction of methane emissions in Danish Holstein cattle
CIV Manzanilla-Pech, D Gordo, GF Difford, P Løvendahl, J Lassen
Journal of dairy science 103 (10), 9195-9206, 2020
Is rumination time an indicator of methane production in dairy cows?
L Zetouni, GF Difford, J Lassen, MV Byskov, E Norberg, P Løvendahl
Journal of dairy science 101 (12), 11074-11085, 2018
Heritability of growth traits in South African Abalone (Haliotis midae L.) using the ‘internal reference’method
GF Difford, AC Vlok, C Rhode, D Brink
Aquaculture 468, 451-457, 2017
Applying genetic technologies to combat infectious diseases in aquaculture
NA Robinson, D Robledo, L Sveen, RR Daniels, A Krasnov, A Coates, ...
Reviews in Aquaculture 15 (2), 491-535, 2023
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