Peter Savolainen
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The statistical analysis of highway crash-injury severities: A review and assessment of methodological alternatives
PT Savolainen, FL Mannering, D Lord, MA Quddus
Accident Analysis & Prevention 43 (5), 1666-1676, 2011
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P Savolainen, F Mannering
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DN Moore, WH Schneider IV, PT Savolainen, M Farzaneh
Accident Analysis & Prevention 43 (3), 621-630, 2011
Comparison of factors affecting injury severity in angle collisions by fault status using a random parameters bivariate ordered probit model
BJ Russo, PT Savolainen, WH Schneider IV, PC Anastasopoulos
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Comparison of severity of motorcyclist injury by crash types
WH Schneider, PT Savolainen
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Examination of factors determining fault in two-vehicle motorcycle crashes
WH Schneider IV, PT Savolainen, D Van Boxel, R Beverley
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Effectiveness of motorcycle training and motorcyclists' risk-taking behavior
P Savolainen, F Mannering
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Driver behavior during bicycle passing maneuvers in response to a Share the Road sign treatment
JJ Kay, PT Savolainen, TJ Gates, TK Datta
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Safety impacts at intersections on curved segments
PT Savolainen, AP Tarko
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Driver speed selection and crash risk: Insights from the naturalistic driving study
R Hamzeie, PT Savolainen, TJ Gates
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P Savolainen, I Ghosh
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A comparison of freeway median crash frequency, severity, and barrier strike outcomes by median barrier type
BJ Russo, PT Savolainen
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Examination of factors affecting freeway incident clearance times: a comparison of the generalized F model and several alternative nested models
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B Wang, S Hallmark, P Savolainen, J Dong
Accident Analysis & Prevention 118, 236-243, 2018
Examining driver behavior at the onset of yellow in a traffic simulator environment: Comparisons between random parameters and latent class logit models
PT Savolainen
Accident Analysis & Prevention 96, 300-307, 2016
Optical bioassay for measuring sublethal toxicity of insecticides in Daphnia pulex
MA Zein, SP McElmurry, DR Kashian, PT Savolainen, DK Pitts
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 33 (1), 144-151, 2014
Factors affecting driver yielding compliance at uncontrolled midblock crosswalks on low-speed roadways
S Stapleton, T Kirsch, TJ Gates, PT Savolainen
Transportation research record 2661 (1), 95-102, 2017
Crashes and near-crashes on horizontal curves along rural two-lane highways: Analysis of naturalistic driving data
B Wang, S Hallmark, P Savolainen, J Dong
Journal of safety research 63, 163-169, 2017
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