Antonio Z. Politi
Antonio Z. Politi
Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences (former Biophysical Chemistry), Göttingen
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Ki-67 acts as a biological surfactant to disperse mitotic chromosomes
S Cuylen, C Blaukopf, AZ Politi, T Müller-Reichert, B Neumann, I Poser, ...
Nature 535 (7611), 308-312, 2016
Models of IP3 and Ca2+ oscillations: frequency encoding and identification of underlying feedbacks
A Politi, LD Gaspers, AP Thomas, T Höfer
Biophysical journal 90 (9), 3120-3133, 2006
Intercellular Ca2+ wave propagation through gap-junctional Ca2+ diffusion: a theoretical study
T Höfer, A Politi, R Heinrich
Biophysical journal 80 (1), 75-87, 2001
Stochastic and reversible assembly of a multiprotein DNA repair complex ensures accurate target site recognition and efficient repair
MS Luijsterburg, G von Bornstaedt, AM Gourdin, AZ Politi, MJ Moné, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 189 (3), 445-463, 2010
Nuclear pore assembly proceeds by an inside-out extrusion of the nuclear envelope
S Otsuka, KH Bui, M Schorb, MJ Hossain, AZ Politi, B Koch, M Eltsov, ...
Elife 5, e19071, 2016
Real-time imaging of a single gene reveals transcription-initiated local confinement
T Germier, S Kocanova, N Walther, A Bancaud, HA Shaban, H Sellou, ...
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A quantitative map of human Condensins provides new insights into mitotic chromosome architecture
N Walther, MJ Hossain, AZ Politi, B Koch, M Kueblbeck, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 217 (7), 2309-2328, 2018
Dual-spindle formation in zygotes keeps parental genomes apart in early mammalian embryos
J Reichmann, B Nijmeijer, MJ Hossain, M Eguren, I Schneider, AZ Politi, ...
Science 361 (6398), 189-193, 2018
A multiscale, spatially distributed model of asthmatic airway hyper-responsiveness
AZ Politi, GM Donovan, MH Tawhai, MJ Sanderson, AM Lauzon, ...
Journal of theoretical biology 266 (4), 614-624, 2010
Decoding of calcium oscillations by phosphorylation cycles: analytic results
C Salazar, AZ Politi, T Höfer
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A mathematical model of airway and pulmonary arteriole smooth muscle
I Wang, AZ Politi, N Tania, Y Bai, MJ Sanderson, J Sneyd
Biophysical journal 94 (6), 2053-2064, 2008
Mathematical modeling of nucleotide excision repair reveals efficiency of sequential assembly strategies
A Politi, MJ Moné, AB Houtsmuller, D Hoogstraten, W Vermeulen, ...
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Experimental and computational framework for a dynamic protein atlas of human cell division
Y Cai, MJ Hossain, JK Hériché, AZ Politi, N Walther, B Koch, ...
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Live imaging and modeling of inner nuclear membrane targeting reveals its molecular requirements in mammalian cells
A Boni, AZ Politi, P Strnad, W Xiang, MJ Hossain, J Ellenberg
Journal of Cell Biology 209 (5), 705-720, 2015
Hormone-induced calcium oscillations depend on cross-coupling with inositol 1, 4, 5-trisphosphate oscillations
LD Gaspers, PJ Bartlett, A Politi, P Burnett, W Metzger, J Johnston, ...
Cell reports 9 (4), 1209-1218, 2014
Quantitative mapping of fluorescently tagged cellular proteins using FCS-calibrated four-dimensional imaging
AZ Politi, Y Cai, N Walther, MJ Hossain, B Koch, M Wachsmuth, ...
Nature protocols 13 (6), 1445-1464, 2018
A biomechanical model of agonist-initiated contraction in the asthmatic airway
BS Brook, SE Peel, IP Hall, AZ Politi, J Sneyd, Y Bai, MJ Sanderson, ...
Respiratory physiology & neurobiology 170 (1), 44-58, 2010
Comparative assessment of fluorescent transgene methods for quantitative imaging in human cells
R Mahen, B Koch, M Wachsmuth, AZ Politi, A Perez-Gonzalez, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 25 (22), 3610-3618, 2014
Absolute quantification of cohesin, CTCF and their regulators in human cells
J Holzmann, AZ Politi, K Nagasaka, M Hantsche-Grininger, N Walther, ...
Elife 8, e46269, 2019
Transient oscillatory force-length behavior of activated airway smooth muscle
JHT Bates, SR Bullimore, AZ Politi, J Sneyd, RC Anafi, AM Lauzon
American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 297 (2 …, 2009
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