Elizabeth T Miller
Elizabeth T Miller
Postdoc, Bohannan Lab, University of Oregon
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Microbiomes as metacommunities: understanding host-associated microbes through metacommunity ecology
ET Miller, R Svanbäck, BJM Bohannan
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 33 (12), 926-935, 2018
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EE Crone, E Miller, A Sala
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Life between patches: incorporating microbiome biology alters the predictions of metacommunity models
ET Miller, BJM Bohannan
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Susceptibility of native New Zealand Myrtaceae to the South African strain of Austropuccinia psidii: A biosecurity threat
J Soewarto, C Somchit, E Du Plessis, I Barnes, GM Granados, ...
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Life between patches: Relaxing assumptions about inter-patch ecology alters the predictions of metacommunity models
ET Miller, BJM Bohannan
2019 ESA Annual Meeting (August 11--16), 2019
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E Miller, BJM Bohannan
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E Miller, E Litchman
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Trait-based perspectives on species coexistence in variable environments
CA Klausmeier, CT Kremer, ET Miller
2017 ESA Annual Meeting (August 6--11), 2017
Community composition and coexistence: The effects of temporal variation and environmental forcing on community trait distributions and diversity
E Miller
Michigan State University, 2016
Louisa Meredith’s Idea of Home: Imagined Identity in Colonial Travel Writing
E Miller
Literature & Aesthetics 24 (2), 2014
Synchronous dynamics of zooplankton competitors prevail in
WA Nelson, M Paterson, JA Rusak, JB Shurin, CF Helmus, C Johnson, ...
COS 77-10: Proximal causes of mast-seeding in a perennial legume: Resource depletion and pollen limitation
A Sala, ET Miller, EE Crone
The 94th ESA Annual Meeting, 2009
PS 72-113: Do these cones make me look fat? Unexpected patterns of resource allocation in whitebark pine
KA Hopping, ET Miller, EE Crone, A Sala
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