Igor ®ivković
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Mercury concentrations in biota in the Mediterranean Sea, a compilation of 40 years of surveys
S Cinnirella, DE Bruno, N Pirrone, M Horvat, I ®ivković, DC Evers, ...
Scientific data 6 (1), 205, 2019
Speciation of mercury in the waters of the Weddell, Amundsen and Ross Seas (Southern Ocean)
MGN Mastromonaco, K Gårdfeldt, KM Assmann, S Langer, T Delali, ...
Marine Chemistry 193, 20-33, 2017
Comparability of calibration strategies for measuring mercury concentrations in gas emission sources and the atmosphere
I de Krom, W Bavius, R Ziel, EA McGhee, RJC Brown, I ®ivković, J Gačnik, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 14 (3), 2317-2326, 2021
The abundance, distribution and speciation of mercury in waters and sediments of the Adriatic Sea–a review
I ®ivković, J Kotnik, M ©olić, M Horvat
Acta Adriatica 58 (1), 165-186, 2017
Validating an evaporative calibrator for gaseous oxidized mercury
J Gačnik, I ®ivković, S Ribeiro Guevara, R Jaćimović, J Kotnik, M Horvat
Sensors 21 (7), 2501, 2021
Calibration approach for gaseous oxidized mercury based on nonthermal plasma oxidation of elemental mercury
J Gačnik, I Živković, S Ribeiro Guevara, J Kotnik, S Berisha, ...
Analytical chemistry 94 (23), 8234-8240, 2022
A Unique Interactive Nanostructure Knitting based Passive Sampler Adsorbent for Monitoring of Hg2+ in Water
RS Chouhan, G ®itko, V Fajon, I ®ivković, M Pavlin, S Berisha, I Jerman, ...
Sensors 19 (15), 3432, 2019
Relations between mercury fractions and microbial community components in seawater under the presence and absence of probable phosphorus limitation conditions
I ®ivković, V Fajon, J Kotnik, Y Shlyapnikov, KO Vazner, E Begu, ...
Journal of Environmental Sciences 75, 145-162, 2019
The abundance and speciation of mercury in the Adriatic plankton, bivalves and fish–a review
I ®ivković, M ©olić, J Kotnik, S ®iľek, M Horvat
Acta Adriatica 58 (3), 391-418, 2017
Quantification of total mercury in samples from cement production processing with thermal decomposition coupled with AAS
S Berisha, I ®ivković, J Kotnik, TL Mlakar, M Horvat
Accreditation and Quality Assurance 25, 233-242, 2020
Optimization and measurement uncertainty estimation of hydride generation–cryogenic trapping–gas chromatography–cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometry for the …
I ®ivković, V Fajon, D Tulasi, KO Vazner, M Horvat
Marine Chemistry 193, 3-7, 2017
Fractionation of mercury stable isotopes in lichens
D Boľič, I ®ivković, MJ Hudobivnik, J Kotnik, D Amouroux, M ©trok, ...
Chemosphere 309, 136592, 2022
Behavior of KCl sorbent traps and KCl trapping solutions used for atmospheric mercury speciation: stability and specificity
J Gačnik, I ®ivković, S Ribeiro Guevara, R Jaćimović, J Kotnik, G De Feo, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 14 (10), 6619-6631, 2021
Traceable determination of atmospheric mercury using iodinated activated carbon traps
I ®ivković, S Berisha, J Kotnik, M Jagodic, M Horvat
Atmosphere 11 (8), 780, 2020
Mercury speciation in meconium and associated factors
A Trdin, I Falnoga, V Fajon, I ®ivković, JS Tratnik, I Prpić, Z ©pirić, ...
Environmental research 179, 108724, 2019
Dispersion of airborne mercury species emitted from the cement plant
SV Nair, J Kotnik, J Gačnik, I ®ivković, AM Koenig, TL Mlakar, M Horvat
Environmental Pollution 312, 120057, 2022
Green synthesis of a magnetite/graphitic carbon nitride 2D nanocomposite for efficient Hg 2+ remediation
RS Chouhan, J Gačnik, I ®ivković, SV Nair, N Van de Velde, A Vesel, ...
Environmental Science: Nano 10 (10), 2658-2671, 2023
Enhanced mercury reduction in the South Atlantic Ocean during carbon remineralization
I ®ivković, MP Humphreys, EP Achterberg, C Dumousseaud, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 178, 113644, 2022
Assessing bias in total mercury results after removing a subsample from the bottle
JE Creswell, A Carter, B Chen, J DeWild, V Fajon, A Rattonetti, M Saffari, ...
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 96 (11), 1038-1047, 2016
A traceable and continuous flow calibration method for gaseous elemental mercury at low ambient concentrations
TD Andron, WT Corns, I ®ivković, SW Ali, S Vijayakumaran Nair, M Horvat
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 17 (4), 1217-1228, 2024
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