Hadj Mohamed Benia
Hadj Mohamed Benia
Unit of Research for Nanoscience an Nanotechnology URNN _Center for the Development of Advanced
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Reactive chemical doping of the Bi 2 Se 3 topological insulator
HM Benia, C Lin, K Kern, CR Ast
Physical Review Letters 107 (17), 177602, 2011
Charge-mediated adsorption behavior of CO on MgO-supported Au clusters
X Lin, B Yang, HM Benia, P Myrach, M Yulikov, A Aumer, MA Brown, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (22), 7745-7749, 2010
Morphology and optical properties of MgO thin films on Mo (0 0 1)
S Benedetti, HM Benia, N Nilius, S Valeri, HJ Freund
Chemical physics letters 430 (4-6), 330-335, 2006
Investigations on non-stoichiometric zirconium nitrides
HM Benia, M Guemmaz, G Schmerber, A Mosser, JC Parlebas
Applied Surface Science 200 (1-4), 231-238, 2002
Structure and morphology of thin MgO films on Mo (001)
S Benedetti, P Torelli, S Valeri, HM Benia, N Nilius, G Renaud
Physical Review B 78 (19), 195411, 2008
Electron trapping in misfit dislocations of MgO thin films
HM Benia, P Myrach, A Gonchar, T Risse, N Nilius, HJ Freund
Physical Review B 81 (24), 241415, 2010
Nucleation and growth of gold on MgO thin films: A combined STM and luminescence study
HM Benia, X Lin, HJ Gao, N Nilius, HJ Freund
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (28), 10528-10533, 2007
Wedge Dyakonov Waves and Dyakonov Plasmons in Topological Insulator Bi2Se3 Probed by Electron Beams
N Talebi, C Ozsoy-Keskinbora, HM Benia, K Kern, CT Koch, PA Van Aken
Acs Nano 10 (7), 6988-6994, 2016
A natural topological insulator
P Gehring, HM Benia, Y Weng, R Dinnebier, CR Ast, M Burghard, K Kern
Nano letters 13 (3), 1179-1184, 2013
Optical properties of non-stoichiometric sputtered zirconium nitride films
HM Benia, M Guemmaz, G Schmerber, A Mosser, JC Parlebas
Applied surface science 211 (1-4), 146-155, 2003
Photon emission spectroscopy of thin MgO films with the STM: from a tip-mediated to an intrinsic emission characteristic
HM Benia, P Myrach, N Nilius
New Journal of Physics 10 (1), 013010, 2008
Photon mapping of MgO thin films with an STM
HM Benia, N Nilius, HJ Freund
Surface science 601 (10), L55-L58, 2007
Surface band structure of Bi 1− x Sb x (111)
HM Benia, C Straßer, K Kern, CR Ast
Physical Review B 91 (16), 161406, 2015
Optical and electrical properties of sputtered ZrN compounds
HM Benia, M Guemmaz, G Schmerber, A Mosser, JC Parlebas
Catalysis today 89 (3), 307-312, 2004
Structural and electronic characterization of the MgO/Mo (0 0 1) interface using STM
HM Benia, P Myrach, N Nilius, HJ Freund
Surface science 604 (3-4), 435-441, 2010
Intercalation of graphene on SiC (0001) via ion implantation
A Stöhr, S Forti, S Link, AA Zakharov, K Kern, U Starke, HM Benia
Physical Review B 94 (8), 085431, 2016
Observation of Dirac surface states in the noncentrosymmetric superconductor BiPd
HM Benia, E Rampi, C Trainer, CM Yim, A Maldonado, DC Peets, A Stöhr, ...
Physical Review B 94 (12), 121407, 2016
Origin of Rashba splitting in the quantized subbands at the Bi 2 Se 3 surface
HM Benia, A Yaresko, AP Schnyder, J Henk, CT Lin, K Kern, CR Ast
Physical Review B 88 (8), 081103, 2013
Light emission spectroscopy of self-assembled arrays of silver nano-crystals with the STM
N Nilius, HM Benia, C Salzemann, G Rupprechter, HJ Freund, A Brioude, ...
Chemical physics letters 413 (1-3), 10-15, 2005
Front‐End‐of‐Line Integration of Graphene Oxide for Graphene‐Based Electrical Platforms
X Lu, WM Munief, F Heib, M Schmitt, A Britz, S Grandthyl, F Müller, ...
Advanced Materials Technologies 3 (4), 1700318, 2018
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