David J. Sparkman
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Multicultural experiences reduce prejudice through personality shifts in Openness to Experience
DJ Sparkman, S Eidelman, JC Blanchar
European Journal of Social Psychology 46 (7), 840-853, 2016
Seeing the human in everyone: Multicultural experiences predict more positive intergroup attitudes and humanitarian helping through identification with all humanity
DJ Sparkman, K Hamer
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“Putting myself in their shoes”: Ethnic perspective taking explains liberal–conservative differences in prejudice and stereotyping
DJ Sparkman, S Eidelman
Personality and Individual Differences 98, 1-5, 2016
We are the “human family”
DJ Sparkman, S Eidelman
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Open to diversity
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Inadequacy of the PHQ-2 depression screener for identifying suicidal primary care patients.
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Ingroup and outgroup interconnectedness predict and promote political ideology through empathy
DJ Sparkman, S Eidelman, DF Till
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Examining relationships among epistemic motivation, perspective taking, and prejudice: A test of two explanatory models
DJ Sparkman, JC Blanchar
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Does activating the human identity improve health-related behaviors during COVID-19?: A social identity approach
DJ Sparkman, K Kleive, E Ngu
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Individual differences in miserly thinking predict endorsement of racial/ethnic stereotypes
JC Blanchar, DJ Sparkman
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DJ Sparkman
The Wiley Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences: Models and …, 2020
Multicultural experiences and the secondary transfer effect of intercultural attitudes
DJ Sparkman
Social Psychology, 2020
Identification with humanity and health-related behaviors during COVID-19
DJ Sparkman
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 26 (6), 1389-1409, 2023
Outcome‐based dissonance and Morton's Fork: Evaluative consequences of unfavorable alternatives in the 2016 US presidential election
AD Eubanks, S Eidelman, DF Till, D Sparkman, P Stewart, RH Wicks
Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology 4 (1), 21-31, 2020
We are the'human family': Multicultural experiences predict less prejudice and greater concern for human rights through identification with humanity (vol 49, pg 135, 2018)
DJ Sparkman
Social Psychology 49 (4), 252-254, 2018
The" We-ness" and Empathy of Liberalism
DJ Sparkman
University of Arkansas, 2016
Multiculturalism, colorblindness, and prejudice: Examining how diversity ideologies impact intergroup attitudes
D Sparkman
University of Arkansas, 2018
Global Identity Labels
DJ Sparkman, K Hamer, LS Loy, P Bertin, M Carmona, J Hackett, ...
OSF, 2022
Correction to Sparkman & Eidelman, 2018
DJ Sparkman
Social Psychology 49 (4), 0
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