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Diana Domanska
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MirGeneDB 2.0: the metazoan microRNA complement
B Fromm, D Domanska, E Høye, V Ovchinnikov, W Kang, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 48 (D1), D132-D141, 2020
Application of fuzzy time series models for forecasting pollution concentrations
D Domańska, M Wojtylak
Expert Systems with Applications 39 (9), 7673-7679, 2012
MirGeneDB 2.1: toward a complete sampling of all major animal phyla
B Fromm, E Høye, D Domanska, X Zhong, E Aparicio-Puerta, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 50 (D1), D204-D210, 2022
Uracil accumulation and mutagenesis dominated by cytosine deamination in CpG dinucleotides in mice lacking UNG and SMUG1
L Alsøe, A Sarno, S Carracedo, D Domanska, F Dingler, L Lirussi, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 7199, 2017
Single-cell transcriptomic analysis of human colonic macrophages reveals niche-specific subsets
D Domanska, U Majid, VT Karlsen, MA Merok, ACR Beitnes, S Yaqub, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 219 (3), e20211846, 2022
Coloc-stats: a unified web interface to perform colocalization analysis of genomic features
B Simovski, C Kanduri, S Gundersen, D Titov, D Domanska, C Bock, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (W1), W186-W193, 2018
GSuite HyperBrowser: integrative analysis of dataset collections across the genome and epigenome
B Simovski, D Vodák, S Gundersen, D Domanska, A Azab, L Holden, ...
Gigascience 6 (7), gix032, 2017
Explorative forecasting of air pollution
D Domańska, M Wojtylak
Atmospheric Environment 92, 19-30, 2014
Beware the Jaccard: the choice of similarity measure is important and non-trivial in genomic colocalisation analysis
S Salvatore, K Dagestad Rand, I Grytten, E Ferkingstad, D Domanska, ...
Briefings in bioinformatics 21 (5), 1523-1530, 2020
Mirgenedb2. 0: the curated microrna gene database
B Fromm, D Domanska, M Hackenberg, A Mathelier, E Høye, M Johansen, ...
BioRxiv, 258749, 2018
Comparing the epigenetic landscape in myonuclei purified with a PCM1 antibody from a fast/glycolytic and a slow/oxidative muscle
M Bengtsen, IM Winje, E Eftestøl, J Landskron, C Sun, K Nygård, ...
PLoS genetics 17 (11), e1009907, 2021
Partitioned iterated function systems with division and a fractal dependence graph in recognition of 2D shapes
K Gdawiec, D Domańska
International Journal of Applied Mathematics & Computer Science, 2011
The uracil-DNA glycosylase UNG protects the fitness of normal and cancer B cells expressing AID
S Safavi, A Larouche, A Zahn, AM Patenaude, D Domanska, K Dionne, ...
NAR cancer 2 (3), zcaa019, 2020
Mind the gaps: overlooking inaccessible regions confounds statistical testing in genome analysis
D Domanska, C Kanduri, B Simovski, GK Sandve
BMC bioinformatics 19, 1-9, 2018
The rainfall plot: its motivation, characteristics and pitfalls
D Domanska, D Vodák, C Lund-Andersen, S Salvatore, E Hovig, ...
BMC bioinformatics 18, 1-11, 2017
Software provisioning inside a secure environment as docker containers using stroll file-system
A Azab, D Domanska
2016 16th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid …, 2016
Handling high-dimensional data in air pollution forecasting tasks
D Domańska, S Łukasik
Ecological Informatics 34, 70-91, 2016
Fuzzy weather forecast in forecasting pollution concentrations
D Domanska, M Wojtylak
Proc. of Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference, 1-8, 2010
A comprehensive framework for analysis of microRNA sequencing data in metastatic colorectal cancer
E Høye, B Fromm, PHM Böttger, D Domanska, A Torgunrud, ...
NAR cancer 4 (1), zcab051, 2022
Complex patterns of concomitant medication use: A study among Norwegian women using paracetamol during pregnancy
S Salvatore, D Domanska, M Wood, H Nordeng, GK Sandve
PLoS One 12 (12), e0190101, 2017
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