Adam Frank
Adam Frank
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Cytowane przez
Shapes and shaping of planetary nebulae
B Balick, A Frank
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics 40 (1), 439-486, 2002
Numerical magnetohydrodynamics in astrophysics: algorithm and tests for one-dimensional flow
D Ryu, TW Jones
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Jets and outflows from star to cloud: observations confront theory
A Frank, TP Ray, S Cabrit, P Hartigan, HG Arce, F Bacciotti, J Bally, ...
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A divergence-free upwind code for multidimensional magnetohydrodynamic flows
D Ryu, F Miniati, TW Jones, A Frank
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Protostars and Planets VI
A Frank, TP Ray, S Cabrit
Univ. Arizona Press, 2014
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SV Lebedev, JP Chittenden, FN Beg, SN Bland, A Ciardi, D Ampleford, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 564 (1), 113, 2002
Dynamos in asymptotic-giant-branch stars as the origin of magnetic fields shaping planetary nebulae
EG Blackman, A Frank, JA Markiel, JH Thomas, HM Van Horn
Nature 409 (6819), 485-487, 2001
Laboratory formation of a scaled protostellar jet by coaligned poloidal magnetic field
B Albertazzi, A Ciardi, M Nakatsutsumi, T Vinci, J Béard, R Bonito, ...
Science 346 (6207), 325-328, 2014
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SV Lebedev, A Ciardi, DJ Ampleford, SN Bland, SC Bott, JP Chittenden, ...
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A Ciardi, SV Lebedev, A Frank, EG Blackman, JP Chittenden, ...
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The MHD Kelvin-Helmholtz instability: A two-dimensional numerical study
A Frank, TW Jones, D Ryu, JB Gaalaas
arXiv preprint astro-ph/9510115, 1995
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V Icke, B Balick, A Frank
Astronomy and Astrophysics 253, 224-243, 1992
Isolated versus common envelope dynamos in planetary nebula progenitors
J Nordhaus, EG Blackman, A Frank
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AY Poludnenko, A Frank, EG Blackman
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On the planet and the disk of COKU TAURI/4
AC Quillen, EG Blackman, A Frank, P Varniere
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Magnetohydrodynamic stellar and disk winds: application to planetary nebulae
EG Blackman, A Frank, C Welch
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Hubble space telescope wide field planetary camera 2 observations of η Carinae
JA Morse, K Davidson, J Bally, D Ebbets, B Balick, A Frank
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G Mellema, A Frank
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A Frank, G Mellema
The Astrophysical Journal 430, 800-813, 1994
Astrophysical gasdynamics confronts reality-The shaping of planetary nebulae
A Frank, B Balick, V Icke, G Mellema
Astrophysical Journal 404, L25-L27, 1993
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