Ildikó Szeverényi
Ildikó Szeverényi
Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Georgikon Campus, Keszthely
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
The Human Intermediate Filament Database: comprehensive information on a gene family involved in many human diseases
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Germline NLRP1 mutations cause skin inflammatory and cancer susceptibility syndromes via inflammasome activation
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Vector for IS element entrapment and functional characterization based on turning on expression of distal promoterless genes
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Late-onset multiple self-healing squamous epithelioma Ferguson-Smith recurrence induced by radiotherapy
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Oxygen-mediated control of the keratinocyte proliferation-differentiation axis
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Author Correction: Somatic mutations in facial skin from countries of contrasting skin cancer risk
C King, JC Fowler, I Abnizova, RK Sood, MWJ Hall, I Szeverényi, M Tham, ...
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Nagyléptékű omikai eljárások alkalmazása a modern haltenyésztésben
L Orbán, A Bognár, M Havasi, I Szeverényi, L Varga
Állattenyésztés és Takarmányozás 69 (3), 317, 2020
Cytological and transcriptomic analysis reveals new features of multiple self-healing squamous epithelioma (MSSE)
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105 The effect of oxygen on keratinocyte differentiation
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