Steven Van Passel
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Enhanced Landfill Mining in view of multiple resource recovery: a critical review
PT Jones, D Geysen, Y Tielemans, S Van Passel, Y Pontikes, B Blanpain, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 55, 45-55, 2013
Measuring farm sustainability and explaining differences in sustainable efficiency
S Van Passel, F Nevens, E Mathijs, G Van Huylenbroeck
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MOTIFS: a monitoring tool for integrated farm sustainability
M Meul, S Van Passel, F Nevens, J Dessein, E Rogge, A Mulier, ...
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Life cycle analyses of organic photovoltaics: a review
S Lizin, S Van Passel, E De Schepper, W Maes, L Lutsen, J Manca, ...
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Bridging the gap between LCA, LCC and CBA as sustainability assessment tools
R Hoogmartens, S Van Passel, K Van Acker, M Dubois
Environmental Impact Assessment Review 48, 27-33, 2014
The economics of enhanced landfill mining: private and societal performance drivers
S Van Passel, M Dubois, J Eyckmans, S De Gheldere, F Ang, PT Jones, ...
Journal of cleaner production 55, 92-102, 2013
Organic farming and small-scale farmers: Main opportunities and challenges
Z Jouzi, H Azadi, F Taheri, K Zarafshani, K Gebrehiwot, S Van Passel, ...
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Multilevel and multi-user sustainability assessment of farming systems
S Van Passel, M Meul
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A Ricardian analysis of the impact of climate change on European agriculture
S Van Passel, E Massetti, R Mendelsohn
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S Van Passel, G Van Huylenbroeck, L Lauwers, E Mathijs
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Renewable energy development in rural areas of Iran
N Afsharzade, A Papzan, M Ashjaee, S Delangizan, S Van Passel, ...
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Beyond the environmentalist's paradox and the debate on weak versus strong sustainability
F Ang, S Van Passel
BioScience 62 (3), 251-259, 2012
Food miles to assess sustainability: a revision
S Van Passel
Sustainable Development 21 (1), 1-17, 2013
Determinants of risk behaviour: effects of perceived risks and risk attitude on farmer’s adoption of risk management strategies
F van Winsen, Y de Mey, L Lauwers, S Van Passel, M Vancauteren, ...
Journal of Risk Research 19 (1), 56-78, 2016
Phytoremediation, a sustainable remediation technology? II: Economic assessment of CO2 abatement through the use of phytoremediation crops for renewable energy production
N Witters, R Mendelsohn, S Van Passel, S Van Slycken, N Weyens, ...
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A systematic review of environmental and economic impacts of smart grids
M Moretti, SN Djomo, H Azadi, K May, K De Vos, S Van Passel, N Witters
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 68, 888-898, 2017
Assessment of environmental and economic feasibility of Enhanced Landfill Mining
M Danthurebandara, S Van Passel, I Vanderreydt, K Van Acker
Waste Management 45, 434-447, 2015
Techno-economic assessment of fast pyrolysis for the valorization of short rotation coppice cultivated for phytoextraction
T Kuppens, M Van Dael, K Vanreppelen, T Thewys, J Yperman, R Carleer, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 88, 336-344, 2015
Higher sustainability performance of intensive grazing versus zero-grazing dairy systems
M Meul, S Van Passel, D Fremaut, G Haesaert
Agronomy for Sustainable Development 32 (3), 629-638, 2012
The future of organic photovoltaic solar cells as a direct power source for consumer electronics
S Lizin, S Van Passel, E De Schepper, L Vranken
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 103, 1-10, 2012
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