Francisco Javier Espinosa-Faller
Francisco Javier Espinosa-Faller
Universidad Marista de Mérida
Zweryfikowany adres z marista.edu.mx
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Higher Order Speciation Effects on Plutonium L3 X-ray Absorption Near Edge Spectra
SD Conradson, KD Abney, BD Begg, ED Brady, DL Clark, C Den Auwer, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 43 (1), 116-131, 2004
Charge distribution and local structure and speciation in the UO2+ x and PuO2+ x binary oxides for x⩽ 0.25
SD Conradson, BD Begg, DL Clark, C den Auwer, M Ding, PK Dorhout, ...
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 178 (2), 521-535, 2005
Local and Nanoscale Structure and Speciation in the PuO2+ x-y (OH) 2 y⊙ z H2O System
SD Conradson, BD Begg, DL Clark, C den Auwer, M Ding, PK Dorhout, ...
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Effect of turbidity on the ultraviolet disinfection performance in recirculating aquaculture systems with low water exchange
M Gullian, FJ Espinosa‐Faller, A Núñez, N López‐Barahona
Aquaculture Research 43 (4), 595-606, 2012
Speciation and Unusual Reactivity in PuO2+x
SD Conradson, BD Begg, DL Clark, C Den Auwer, FJ Espinosa-Faller, ...
Inorganic chemistry 42 (12), 3715-3717, 2003
A ZigBee wireless sensor network for monitoring an aquaculture recirculating system
FJ Espinosa-Faller, GE Rendón-Rodríguez
Journal of applied research and technology 10 (3), 380-387, 2012
Possible Bose-condensate behavior in a quantum phase originating in a collective excitation in the chemically and optically doped Mott-Hubbard system UO
SD Conradson, T Durakiewicz, FJ Espinosa-Faller, YQ An, DA Andersson, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 88 (11), 115135, 2013
Stability and migration of large oxygen clusters in UO2+ x: Density functional theory calculations
DA Andersson, FJ Espinosa-Faller, BP Uberuaga, SD Conradson
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Beta radiation effects in 137Cs-substituted pollucite
NJ Hess, FJ Espinosa, SD Conradson, WJ Weber
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Local atomic structure in cubic stabilized zirconia
P Villella, SD Conradson, FJ Espinosa-Faller, SR Foltyn, KE Sickafus, ...
Physical Review B 64 (10), 104101, 2001
Neutron Diffraction and X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Evidence for Local Lattice Distortions and Aperiodic Antisite Substitution in Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanoparticles
FJ Espinosa-Faller, DR Conradson, SC Riha, MB Martucci, SJ Fredrick, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (45), 26292-26303, 2014
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Local atomic structure of α-Pu
FJ Espinosa, P Villella, JC Lashley, SD Conradson, LE Cox, R Martinez, ...
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FJ Espinosa, JM de Leon, SD Conradson, JL Pena, M Zapata-Torres
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Occasional “long-range” nonequilibrium body-centered-cubic structures in NiFe/Cu spin valves
H Geng, JW Heckman, WP Pratt, J Bass, FJ Espinosa, SD Conradson, ...
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Complex behavior in quaternary zirconias for inert matrix fuel: what do these materials look like at the nanometer scale?
SD Conradson, CA Degueldre, FJ Espinosa-Faller, SR Foltyn, ...
Progress in Nuclear Energy 38 (3-4), 221-230, 2001
Nanoscale heterogeneity, premartensitic nucleation, and a new plutonium structure in metastable δ fcc Pu-Ga alloys
SD Conradson, N Bock, JM Castro, DR Conradson, LE Cox, W Dmowski, ...
Physical Review B 89 (22), 224102, 2014
Local atomic structure and analysis of secondary phases in non-stoichiometric Cu2ZnSnS4 using X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy
RA Colina-Ruiz, JM de León, JS Lezama-Pacheco, F Caballero-Briones, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 714, 381-389, 2017
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FJ Espinosa, JM De Leon, M Zapata-Torres, R Castro-Rodriguez, ...
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Local atomic structure of CdTe: In at high In concentrations
FJ Espinosa, JM de Leon, SD Conradson, JL Pena, M Zapata-Torres
Physical Review B 61 (11), 7428, 2000
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